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Hollywierd Tour In Mountain View & Kelseyville, CA

By Sefany Jones, Contributing Editor
Friday, June 21, 2002 @ 3:27 PM

Hollyweird at Shoreline & Kono

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I have never heard truer words spoken at a concert then when I was taking a leak and overheard someone say, “The only thing that changes with these guys is their hairlines!!

Now take that comment however you want, but that was exactly the truth when it comes to this years Hollyweird Tour featuring Poison, Cinderella, Winger, and um… Marilyn Pussycat???

It is what it is. A kick ass rock show from the bands you loved/hated yesteryear who seem to refuse to keep making new music, or play it if they do make it.

At Shoreline Amphitheatre, I failed to see Marilyn Pussycat, and really who could blame me? The last thing I or anyone needs to see is a bunch of ‘80s rockers dressed in goth and looking like they don’t belong with the bands they are playing with. On night #2 though, curiosity got to me and I made sure I made it to watch the amusing set begin with “These Boots Are Made For Walking.” Now, I’m not a rock star (yet), but why in the hell would you open a show with “Boots are Walking?” First, it’s not your song. Second, it’s not a fun song, and third it’s not really a good song. The boys played a tight set that included “House of Pain,” but all I could think of was, when is Taime gonna kill himself? He just looks depressed and lost. Maybe him and the drummer from Rhino Bucket should get together. Maybe she/he could teach Taime how to find himself.

In any case, Winger was next. Now, like many rock fans, Winger has always been one of those bands I joked about. I always hated them for being one of the bands that brought down the ‘80s. But now I’m not so sure. Winger is a talented group of musicians. First, Reb Beach is an awesome guitarist, and second… Kip Winger has an AMAZING voice. Never did I think that until I saw two nights of a mind-shattering vibrato that kept ringing into my ears. For a band I have always claimed to hate, I was impressed. They have songs so much better than the cheesy “Seventeen” song, and they really are all about the music. There was no flashy clothes or lights. Just five guys jamming and having fun. They were a cool band to check out.

The only negative of Winger’s set would have to be that it takes Kip a little too long to get the crowd into it. Maybe it’s because people don’t know a lot of Winger, or maybe it’s because Kip just doesn’t feel it ‘til the place gets a little more full. But he didn’t really challenge the crowd until the last two songs. They were good, though.

When Cinderella arrived on stage, they became everything everyone has always said they were. A kick ass rock band that impressed the shit out of me. Many of them dressed just like they did years ago and they kicked off the show in style with “Save Me.” But is that the same Eric Brittingham that used to have the palm tree for hair??? Damn that guy has changed!!!

Until this week Cinderella has always been one of those bands that I liked but just didn’t interest me enough to put their CD on. That won’t be the case anymore. Songs like “Heartbreak Station,” “Shelter,” and “The Last Mile” turned out to be amazing live songs and will begin getting more spins in my car and while I am at work. Sometimes you just need to see a band live to appreciate them, and that’s exactly what Cinderella did to me.

During both of Cinderella’s sets I couldn’t help but think that this pairing with Poison is a great combination. On one hand you have a more serious, bluesy rock band and on the other you have a party rock band that kicks your ass every night. I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if Tesla and Cinderella paired up. I don’t know if it would be better or worse, but it certainly interests me.

In any case, on comes Poison. They began their show like they have every other concert they’ve ever performed (I think) with “Look What the Cat Dragged In.” The band sounded great, they looked great, and they had a lot of fun while playing on both nights. But I have to make the same complaints most fans have been making and say it just doesn’t make sense for a band to release a new studio album and not promote it. “Squeeze Box” sounded good live, but it was not a good choice for a single and got a decent reaction both nights. But at Konocti that was the only Hollyweird song they played, and at Shoreline they added the title cut, and that was it. You would have thought that when CC sang, they would do one of the three songs he sings on the new album, but he did “I Hate Every Bone…” instead.

So I’m a bit confused by Poison. Maybe they just want to rest on their laurels, and maybe they have no desire to try to gain commercial success again, but it’s very disappointing to buy a new album and hear nothing from it. But then, the album isn’t very good so maybe it is better. I just think they’d do themselves some good by playing “Shooting Star” or “Stupid, Stoned, and Dumb.”

So, Poison was well, um, Poison. As a fan you don’t really get tired of watching them ,but you wonder why they don’t play more songs or newer songs.

I wanted to say thanks to KNAC for getting me the free tickets for Konocti and backstage passes. If any of you get a chance to see a band at Konocti, it is a great venue. It’s a small amphitheatre, but it’s right off a lake and the resort it’s at is beautiful. When I got backstage I met Rikki and Bobby. They were both cool guys who were focusing on choosing there companions for the night, but were more than happy to talk to everyone and sign for everyone. Hell, what can I complain about? They were giving away beer and I managed to snag about four of them, so what can I complain about?

All in all it was a great two nights on the Hollyweird Tour. One can only think that maybe next year it should just be Poison and Cinderella. Longer set lists might make for happier fans. But a kick ass two nights all the same!!

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