Vince Neil and Helix Live in Montreal, CAN

By Sefany Jones, Contributing Editor
Sunday, June 23, 2002 @ 7:54 PM

Neil and Helix Live at The Med

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REVIEW BY: LivingDeadGirl, Correspondant

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Gettin’ down and dirty with Mr.Neil...

I was pretty surprised to see this show hit town because Vince Neil is presently on the Rock Never Stops (Tesla, Vince Neil, Skid Row, Jackyl) tour, I guess he took a night off from the tour and came to rock us out.

This show was at a pretty good venue The Medley is usually a cool place for shows. Helix opened the show. I was not expecting much from them but I figured it was going to be fun to watch. Last time I saw them I was 14 years old, so that would be 14 years ago ouch! So long ago.

Well, they very much impressed me, there is only the original singer and guitar player left in the band, but the new guys gave a great performance and added a little spice to the show. They played all the classic hits like “Dream On,” “Rock You,” “Running Wild In The 21st Century,” and Brian Vollmer (singer) even jumped in the crowd for “Rock You” and made everyone sing. It was awesome.

Then we waited for a few long minutes for Vince Neil -- he was busy at a strip joint up the street... how ironic! But I was in great company so it didn’t matter. He started the set with “Kick Start My Heart,” and he was all over the place -- a real rock star in action. I think when it comes to ‘Rock Stars,’ Vince is truly one, and he lives like one, too. One thing that was really nice is that some fans had brought with them signs saying, “In memory of Randy Castillo -- RIP buddy,” and I think Vince got kinda emotional about it.

The energy was amazing! Everyone that was attending the show were REAL fans, and it showed. The only thing that really was unpleasant was the sound. For Helix, it wasn’t too bad, but for Vince we could not hear him -- by the end of the show, the guitars were way too loud for the vocals, and the sound guys didn’t know what they were doing at all. One thing I got to say is, even if the sound totally SUCKED, Vince and his band didn’t give up, they stayed in a great mood and kept on going. I mean it was soooo bad that the last 2 songs Vince had to throw his mic at the sound booth and sang without it -- it’s not like we could hear him anyway -- and he made us sing with him, and it made the show that much better. This was a real sign of a true performer, even if we got short handed in the set, and maybe we should of got our money back. It still was a fun show.

They played all the favorites from “Looks That Kill,” “Home Sweet Home,” “Dr.Feelgood,” to “Red Hot” and many more... I was very pleased with the whole experience. But one thing I know for sure there is a ‘sound guy’ somewhere looking for work has we speak.

Vince Neil is a awesome entertainer, no matter what people think or say about him he still got it... and yes, like Tommy would say, he did gained weight, but hell! Who cares, we just see him better on stage!

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