Dio/Purple/Scorps Live In Columbia, MD

By Sefany Jones, Contributing Editor
Monday, July 8, 2002 @ 12:49 AM

Dio, Deep Purple, and The Scor

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REVIEW BY: “Clyde”

Driving into the parking lot of Merriweather, there's a sign that says "No hassle parking --$12.” We figure it means it's a short walk into the venue, which we don't care about, so we head to the free parking. We park, open the back of the SUV, and open a cold one to enjoy the pre-concert party (a must in the ‘70s and ‘80s). We soon realize times have changed -- there were 16 cop cars sittin’ there tellin’ everyone to "pour it out and head in," so we decide to head over to the "no hassle" (now we really know what it means) and pay the $12 -- it was worth every penny.

Dio started at 6:30 sharp (get there on time people!) We had tickets close to the box seats and just sat ourselves in one, and soon we were being served beer from the wenches and enjoying the God of Medieval Metal! It was 100 degrees out that day (and probably 110 under the lights) but Dio put on a great show as always. First song was "Killing the Dragon," off of the new CD, which was great. Others off the new CD were "Push" and "Rock n’ Roll" -- seemed not too many people were familiar with the new stuff. I wish they'd realize that he and other aging metaller's still have many great new songs up their sleeves -- the new CD is great (my 6 year old son loves it just because the cover looks so cool… by the way it was also his backdrop). Another surprise was "Egypt (The Chains Are On)" along with all of his classic solo, Rainbow, and Sabbath tunes.

After his set we went up to get a cold one and found the coolest thing ever -- it was called the "Camel Casbah tent." The cigarette company set up this bar that looked like it was straight from the Sahara desert, including a belly dancer… what's not to like!! Made me want to take up smoking. Needless to say, we only saw Deep Purple on the monitor while enjoying a few tokes and the dancer for an hour or more. Afterwards we head back down to our box seats (which aren't ours but I guess the lame company who bought the box seats doesn't have anybody cool working there), the Scorps hit the stage like they have for the last THIRTY years – rockin’!! Age is only a number to them as they kicked ass! Klaus running across the stage, throwin’ his tamborine, Rudy jumpin’ and spinnin’, Mattias dive bombing…. Highlights for me were "We'll Burn The Sky" and "In Trance," along with all the classics.

All in all, the best concert in recent memory. I'm glad that in their ‘50s they can still deliver. Who'd a thunk it 20 years ago!

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