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Rock Never Stops Tour In Brokaw, WI

By Sefany Jones, Contributing Editor
Wednesday, July 24, 2002 @ 10:25 AM

Tesla, Vince Neil, Jackyl, and

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REVIEW BY: Craig Wold

The day was Saturday, June 22nd. A day of reckoning... a day of awakening... a day of rebirth... Heck -- you get my point!! A day to rock!! The Rock Never Stops Tour was coming to a town near me. The bill, you may ask, contained Skid Row, Vince Neil of Motley Crue, Jackyl and Tesla.

Kim and I hit the road about 2:00 p.m. The day did not look promising, especially with what the middle of Wisconsin was hit with the previous few days. Rain, rain, and yes more rain. The drive to The Mile High Club in Brokaw, WI took about 45 minutes. As we pulled up to the outdoor venue, you could see tons of people and mini "tailgate" parties all over the place. Parking was across the street in a massive farmers field… We found a spot near the back in the semi-tall grass. The sun was shining and it was hot!! Now, the Mile High Club is a big bar most of the time. But now the place was turned into a big outdoor concert facility. They had built a huge steel stage with lights and speakers, there were tents everywhere for food, drink and merchandise vendors, and of course, the dreaded port-o-potties!! The whole nine yards!! We stood in line and slowly moved up towards the entrance. I was hoping I'd suddenly see one of my buddies with a cocktail in hand ready to rock -- but no dice!! We proceeded through the entrance and immediately; you guessed it... Miller Time!! We walked around a bit and checked out everything. Tons of people everywhere at this point. All walks of life!! It was quite interesting to see the diversity of people! After a couple of beers, the music started...it was 4:00...

Skid Row -

Now many of you may not know this, but Skid Row has a new lead singer. Knowing this, I was quite skeptical about how they were going to sound. Especially since we all know what kind of pipes Sebastian Bach has!! They came out and did a fast rockin' version of "I Remember You." Their new lead singer started getting the crowd into it and went into a lot of the Skid Row classics: “18 and Life,” “Piece of Me,” “Slave to the Grind,” “Big Guns,” “Youth Gone Wild,” and “I Remember You” (the original version). The new lead singer sounded great. What impressed me the most was that he was able to pull off some of the high notes. He sounded a lot like Sebastian Bach in a way. They also played a new song, "Thick is the Skin"!! The song kicks major ass!! It was quite a sight to hear it live -- its rocked in a major way. Overall, Skid Row was awesome!! They did way more than I expected and they sounded absolutely great!! You can check out Skid Row at www.skidrowonline.com and listen to their new single FREE!!

Jackyl -

Now I've never heard these guys play live before, and I hear they are a major party rock band!! And boy did they live up to that test. Jesse James Dupree was all over the place, running back and forth along the stage, climbing up 15-foot high speakers. It was quite entertaining. The whole place was rockin' and rollin'!!! I can't tell you how many times he toasted the crowd. I must’ve drank 3 - 4 beers during their set. They played all their jammin' tunes: “When Will It Rain,” “I Stand Alone,” “Dirty Little Mind,” “Secret of the Bottle” (awesome -- be ready to drink), and yes – “Lumber Jack” -- with chainsaw and all. Overall, they interacted with the crowd more than any of the other bands. They sounded great!! You can check out Jackyl at www.Jackyl.w1.com.

Motley Crue featuring Vince Neil -

Out of all the bands, this one I was most skeptical about. Not only have I heard rumors that Vince Neil is completely out of shape, drunk have the time, doesn't sing, etc., etc. But he was without Tommy, Mick and Nikki!!!! It was kinda of strange, but when he hit the stage more and more people were getting closer and closer to the front. Let me set the record straight:
1. Vince was not drunk
2. He wasn't a fat ass! Now he's not as skinny as he was ten, fifeteen years ago, but who is?
3. He sang his ass off
You could totally tell the difference in the level of musicians, though. A huge difference with no Tommy, Mick and Nikki!! But they sounded really good. I was quite surprised at the set list: “Shout at the Devil,” “Knock Em' Dead Kid,” “Red Hot,” “Too Fast For Love,” “Live Wire,” “Girls, Girls, Girls,” and many more. He kept saying, "Should we go a little further back?" and they did. They played mostly a lot of their earlier material -- even though it wasn't the same without the original lineup. The voice was there and it was rockin'!! You can check out more at www.motleycrue.com.

Tesla -

Tesla was the last act of the night. They came on around 9:30 - 10:00!! The place was still buzzin' with excitement. Still not a drop of rain and a full moon was out!!! Their set sounded the best!! I couldn't believe how good they sounded. It was almost like have the headphones on and jammin' to "Modern Day Cowboy." They rocked!!! Playin' songs like: “Modern Day Cowboy,” “Signs,” “Little Suzy,” “Gettin' Better,” “The Way It Is,” and others. They definitely brought the house down. You can check them out on the web at www.teslatheband.com Pretty cool site!! Jeff Keith sounded unbelievable. They sounded as good as they did back in 1986 -- when I first listened to Mechanical Resonance!! Frank Hannon was literally jammin' on guitar!!

Overall the show was a blast. The weather was perfect!! All the bands sounded great!! Even though some people say you’re living in the past. Rock n' roll is here to stay!! It has never left!! Quietly it has continued on...(if you can imagine rock n' roll being quiet)...waiting to resurface. If you'd like a rockin' good time and a trip down memory lane -- go see this rock show!! They leave you with a great feeling of energy and excitement!!

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