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Sebastian Bach Live In Towson, MD

By Sefany Jones, Contributing Editor
Wednesday, July 31, 2002 @ 11:14 PM

Bach Rocks The Recher Theater

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REVIEW BY: Taryn Tacik

I had the pleasure of seeing the ultimate rock god on stage myself when he and the rest of the band played Recher Theater in Maryland. It has been a long time since I have seen Baz live, I had the great pleasure of meeting him Bach in ’89, when he was touring with Bon Jovi. I had Bach stage passes, and I cannot tell you the excitement I still get from that one meeting. He is known to be this hard ass rock and roller, but let me tell you something -- that is an act. He has got to be the nicest person, famous or not, that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Anyway, the show started at Recher Theater about 10:30, which was a little disappointing. He had two really awful warm up bands playing (not that it was his fault the club booked those guys!) Anyway, from the time he took the stage he totally rocked, he was in tune with what the fans wanted to hear and it gave it to us, full force. There was no comparison to the old Bach vocals and today's Bach vocals. I would even have to say that he has gotten better with age -- he has more of a range now then he use to, which he displayed well when it come time for him to sing "This Is The Moment" and the other songs he hit on from Jekyll & Hyde and Rocky Horror!

But there was no denying the awesome stage presence that was felt the moment he stepped on stage. Baz came out wearing black pants with a purple crotch piece (hot!), he was wearing the Bring Em' Bach Alive t-shirt underneath a black vest, and those awesome purple pointed boots he wears. And at one point changed into the bloody white shirt from Jekyll & Hyde. And not to leave out the heavy costume make up he was wearing… I hadn't seen that much make-up on ONE person since Tammy Faye Bakker was around!

Anyway to continue with the show, he sang all the favorites… “Slave To The Grind,” “Piece Of Me” (dedicated once again to Osama), “18 & Life,” “Sweet Little Sister,” “Frozen,” “Youth Gone Wild,” “Done Bleeding,” “Beat Yourself Blind,” “I Remember You,” “Mud Kicker,” “The Most Powerful Man In The World,” along with some Broadway stuff.

All in all: I can't say that I have been to a better concert ever! (Except KISS of course, and Baz would agree)! Sebastian kicked ass like never before, he is so much better on his own than he ever was with Skid Mark (I mean Skid Row) -- those guys only held him Bach!!!

After the show, Baz retired to his dressing room, where he showered and got cleaned up before coming out for a meet and greet. I was the first person in line which was sweet, he was sooooooo nice and in such a great mood… we got to talking and I think we both just about forgot everyone else was waiting. Finally reality set in again and I excused myself, so he could get onto to others. It was such an awesome meet and greet -- he seemed like he really wanted to be there (unlike ACE FREHLEY, who spent the whole 2002 Ace Frehley birthday bash being pissed off, but that's a story for a another time).

I just want to say thank you to Baz who gave us a kick ass show, and the best meet and greet ever. He is in no uncertain terms the ULTIMATE ROCK GOD!!!!!

Thanks for letting me share my experience!!

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