Skid Row Live In Montreal, CAN

By Sefany Jones, Contributing Editor
Thursday, August 8, 2002 @ 10:15 PM

Skid Row and Killer Dwarfs Liv

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REVIEW BY: LivingDeadGirl, Correspondant

I wasn’t even sure to come to this show, it was a last minute thing... and now I’m so glad I went.

It was a true comeback as could be expected from these guys, who hadn’t played here -- since opening for Kiss in 2000 -- The band was tighter than ever and the new addition to the band were totally the right choices. New front man Johnny Solinger and new drummer Phil Varone (Phil was originally in Saigon Kick) did an amazing job and saw the great respect the crowd gave them back.

The stage was very simple with it’s long and tall wall of red and black Peavey amps and a very normal set of lights nothing mind blowing but this was still a full-blown rock ‘n’ roll spectacle. It was all about the band and it’s fans. Throughout the show there was no technical glitches and the sound was perfect.

The crowd seemed to already know and love the new single -- the catchy “Thick is the Skin.” During the show there was sing-a-longs galore. I never been to a show where EVERYONE knew the words to EVERY song -- it was beautiful to hear. During the show Snake could not stop smiling -- he was totally overwhelmed and touched by the audience great response. You could also see it in each band member’s eyes. The guys all gave their 110%, from Scotti Hill running all over the stage like a maniac and jumping into the crowd, to Johnny kicking ass with his awesome vocals, to the liking of the very enthusiastic audience Rachel Bolan, who took a turn in the spotlight by singing “Psycho Therapy,” a tribute to the late Joey Ramone.

The band performed most of their hits, including such favorites like “Get The Fuck Out,” “Monkey Business,” I Remember You,” “18 and Life,” and of course the big finale for their audience’s amazing support -- the band saved the best for the encore -- the very cool “Youth Gone Wild!” It sure was a great trip to memory lane.

After the show I had the great pleasure to meet all of them. Let me tell you these guys are the nicest dudes… very down-to-earth and friendly. I had the chance to talk with Johnny for a little while and he mentioned that the new album would be coming out probably in late September, if all goes according to plan. He is just dying for everyone to hear it. Phil was really a great addition to the band -- I always loved him in Saigon Kick, can’t wait to hear the new stuff with the band’s new flavor.

I can’t say much about Killer Dwarfs… They seem good at what they do… Honestly, I was never a fan, so their songs and performance did not effect me. They sounded good, nonetheless.

All I can say about this evening is: if Skid Row comes to your town -- go see them! It is all worth it... trust me! This was a truly unforgettable experience. Thanks guys for everything.

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