Poison Live in Greensboro, NC

By Sefany Jones, Contributing Editor
Monday, September 2, 2002 @ 12:33 AM

Posion, Cinderella, Faster Pus

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REVIEW BY: Kathy "wylchild" Duke

Finally, I'm having a moment to sit down and write this review. I went to see poison, Cinderella, and Faster Pussycat on Sunday, August 18 in Greensboro, NC, courtesy of KNAC.com. BTW, thanks for the tickets. And I have to say, the shows were everything that I expected them to be and more.

Being a child of the ‘80s, I was a huge fan of the glam and hair metal scene, and these three bands were among my favorites, especially Poison. In fact, Cinderella was the opening act at my very first concert, way back when...

The show started with Faster Pussycat. Taime Downe came out in his best S&M/drag/sorta-goth get-up... even had an umbrella. It was a hoot just to look at him, and remembering the time when I thought the look was cool. But they rocked the house by playing all of the familiar favorites, including “Bathroom Wall” and “House of Pain.”

Cinderella was next in the line-up and I have to tell ya, even though the only member I recognized was Tom Keifer -- as if you could replace that voice -- they still kicked ass. I can honestly tell you that I know why their tour shirts were imprinted with “Cinder- fucking-rella.” They were killer. The song list included “Shake Me,” “Don't Know What You Got,” and countless others. But the one that really struck a nerve with the audience was “Nobody's Fool.” Their logo changed from the familiar purple to Old Glory, and the song was dedicated to all of the heroes and victims of 9/11 and made the point that America would be Nobody's Fool again.

After a brief intermission, Poison opened with their usual “Look What the Cat Dragged In.” Bret, Bobby, CC, and Rikki were in top form. This was my 5th Poison show and I was impressed. They haven't let a few years or their personal differences with each other slow them down. Their show was as energetic as any I remember. Like Cinderella, Poison did a similar tribute to the victims of 9/11, but it seemed to be geared more towards the military and others who have died keeping us free. And the song? No big surprise... “Something to Believe In.”

My only disappointment with the Poison show as a whole -- and don't get me wrong...it's not a bad thing -- was that they played very little off the new album, and nothing from Crack A Smile or Native Tongue. Personally, I wasn't impressed with Native Tongue to begin with so that wasn't a huge deal, but Crack A Smile ranks up there at the top for me. And though there was a different guitarist at that time, the sound is so similar to the original line-up that I know CC could have easily put his own spin on those tunes. I was surprised that they did not at least play “Sexual Thing,” since it is so Poison. CC could have easily put his own spin on that tune and made it his own.

Though I thought the show was great, and would certainly go see Poison again, I don't know that I would be willing to spend my hard-earned dollars on the tickets. However, I'd be glad to go courtesy of KNAC.com again. And the reason was that as a band, Poison really was a big letdown to a great many fans. I didn't know it when I won the tickets, but part of the package was a couple of passes for the after-show party. As if going to see my once-favorite band for free wasn't grand enough, now I was gonna have the chance to meet them. God, I was so excited, when the lady at the will-call window handed me those passes, and that feeling lingered all thru the shows. After the coliseum was cleared out, Poison's security guys checked everyone's passes and led us to a room back-stage to await the band. Shortly after, the first letdown came. The head security guy came out to tell us that Bret wasn't coming out to meet the fans because he had a sore throat and wanted to stay on the bus. Pardon me, but taking a half hour to meet the folks who put you on top should not be a problem. Next the same security guy told us that CC would be there but refused to sign anything. However, if any of us had cameras, he'd be glad to be in pictures with us. Hello? Cameras are prohibited from concerts now and it's not as easy to just sneak them in anymore, so most of didn't have one. The final straw came when, after waiting for at least 30 minutes, security finally let about half of the crowd into another room where I presume the band, minus Bret Michaels, was waiting. The rest of us waited at least another 30 minutes only to be told that we had to leave because the band was tired, and ready to go onto the bus to head out for their next venue. Hey, the show was great, but I was extremely disappointed in the band. I've been a fan since the beginning and have waited for 16 years for the chance to meet them and then when I finally get surprised with the chance, they blow us all off. I think I speak for lots of other fans when I say, "On a personal level, YOU GUYS SUCK!!!"

That's it for now... see ya next time!

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