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Down Live In St. Louis, MO

By Sefany Jones, Contributing Editor
Monday, September 2, 2002 @ 12:49 AM

Down at Ozzfest in St. Louis,

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REVIEW BY: Drywallkid2002

Well, I was so stoked to see Down. I was waiting in line for water after Hatebreed and the New Orleans boys were taking the stage, lucky for me, as I was making my way back through the crowd. They were preparing for war -- they took their guitars and Phil was looking at the crowd and shaking his head in approval and was introducing the first song “Lifer” -- the crowd was going nuts. They ripped into it -- I was blown away. I was at Down, and they sounded great!

Well, the next song was “Lysergik Funeral Procession.” As they were starting it, Phil was saying, “I wanna see movement in the pit!” Not 30 seconds into it, he stopped the song and started ranting about how he wanted us to go out of our fucking minds or he would stop the song again. By this time, I noticed Jack Osbourne and Mike Bordin on the side of the stage watching and mouthing every word. But back to the show… Phil was trashed on some kind of drug -- he kept rambling on about stupid shit he went on for about 5 minutes, then he said, “What song were we doing?” and the guys said, “Ghosts,” meaning “Ghosts Along The Mississippi.” They all were trying to communicate with Jimmy Bowers -- he looked liked he was on the drums for the first time. They were showing him how to start the song -- 1,2,3,4 and then crash in. It was a clusterfuck.

Well, they got all the way thru that one without any stops, but during every song, Phil has to rant or stand there like he’s the almighty one until he feels he’s ready. Don’t get me wrong -- I love Pantera and Down and they are the kings of metal, but give me a break. I came to hear music, not bullshit. Well bottom line, they played “The Seed,” “Eyes of the South” and “Lysrgik Funeral Procession,” and ended with “Bury Me In Smoke.” All together, they played seven fucking songs in an hours time. I was let down at Down.

Well, after they were done, they did a CD signing at a tent set up close by. Well, I wasn’t forking out another 20 bucks for their CD, so me and a friend waited ‘til they came up on their golf carts -- They got off, and as they were walking up, Phil was 3 feet away and I said, “Hey, Phil,” and he ignored me and walked away. What a prick -- he looked fucked on heroin. He had that look on his face… I smoke weed and no weed ever made me look like that. Well, he sat down barely giving people the time of day. Also Guy Sykes, their road manager, was a prick, too. Look, they want to play music and they tour, but if a fan comes up to show their appreciation, they should in return be thankful -- without us fans they wouldn’t be shit. But bottom line, this won’t sway me away from them, but it makes me think that my favorite band Down could be heading down a beaten path. I still love them, though.

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