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Down/Rob Zombie Live In Eugene, OR

By Sefany Jones, Contributing Editor
Tuesday, September 10, 2002 @ 2:32 PM

Down, Rob Zombie, Northwest Ro

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REVIEW BY: Virtualpoopspecs

It was a hot summer day in Oregon -- a rather rare occurrence really. But anticipation for this day had been brewing for several years. A local radio station that goes by the name of KNRQ decided to start an annual event dubbed Q Fest to be held at the Cuthbert Amphitheater. The original lineup was to be TRUSTCompany, Sw1tched, Ill Nino, Adema, Down, and Drowning Pool. As usual, things were shuffled over time, and TRUSTCompany ended up not being on the bill. To many people's delight, Robert Zombie and a killer local band named Northwest Royale were added. For some reason or another, Drowning Pool could not attend. Many people were saddened by this.

Ill Nino were pretty cool, and they did score a few points for covering Soulfly's "Eye For an Eye." But aside from that, I was only there to see Northwest, Down, and Zombie. So, I will concentrate my review on those 3 bands.

Northwest Royale kicked things off at around 2 PM. They have a very unique style that is difficult for me to describe. That's a good thing. They remind me of Faith No More due to the fact that they are a metal band, yet they tend to dabble in many other styles. They have a unique percussion section -- Traditional Drummer (Chris), and an Auxiliary Percussionist (Blake), who also handles backing vocals and keyboards. It is quite entertaining to watch him bounce back and forth between screaming at the top of his lungs, playing keyboards, and beating the hell out of a set of rototoms (he's a really good drummer). All of them -- Colt (guitar/vocals), Pete (guitars), Buddy (bass), and Chris -- are really talented musicians and cool guys. They are also a bunch of fucking goofballs. I've seen them several times, and they never fail to entertain. They recently released their self-produced debut, Respect What Could Be A Problem. They are touring the West Coast and stopping in Vegas. Tour dates can be found at their website: www.northwestroyale.com. (Let it be known that Other than being a fan and friend I'm not associated with the band. So those who think this is some type of shameless self-promotion can lick a pooper). They got approximately 30 minutes, then I had to wait for hours for all of the shit bands (and Ill Nino) to get done for the rest of the show to commence.

I passed the time counting Mullets (32), and Boobs (6748). I do have to say that during Adema's set there were a couple cool things that happened. One being, the local Animal Control Officer... soaking wet... mud all over his ass... falling down drunk... pantomiming masturbation gestures at the woman in front of him… Also, a little red plane began circling the venue with a huge banner that red “LES CLAYPOOL MCDONALD THEATER OCT 22.” It was the perfect touch for what it was: advertising. I'm a huge Claypool fan, so this was a joy.

I'm guessing that it was about 8 PM when Down took the stage. I've been a fan since NOLA came out, and have always wanted to see these guys. After a rousing peptalk from Phil, they opened with “Lifer.” As far as crowd reaction, and pit intensity; they stole the show. Teenie boppers that were there to hip and hop to the gay-assed strains of Adema that have never heard of Down before the radio station began playing them to get people to come to the show were sent scrambling over the bench seats in the back with the fear of God in their eyes. A member of the audience brought a sign that read "DON'T FUCK WITH DOWN. JUST ASK ADEMA". The word Adema was surrounded by flowers. Phil saw it, smiled, pointed it out to Pepper. Then he threw a punch, and made a thumbs-down/knocked-cold motion. It was great.

There was a great moment where Phil went off on a tirade about radio stations that play nothing except what is popular and "safe." I found joy in it because he was pretty much ripping on the radio station that was hosting the event. I'm sure that with the event having passed, we won't be hearing the likes of them from that station again.

Being a bass player, I've always liked Rex. He has a killer tone, and played in a style that reminds me of Geezer Butler. They played for about an hour. Their setlist included “Ghost Along the Mississippi,” “Stone the Crow,” “Lysergic Funeral Procession,” “Bury Me In Smoke,” “Temptations Wings” and “Learn From This Mistake.”

I'll get to Robert Zombie since this is really getting to be a long winded review.

I (among with many other people) was looking forward to seeing Robert without any props. With the props, his performance seems to lack and he tends to lean on the special effects and such to carry the show. There was a delay in their set due to some technical difficulties. A foreshadowing of the problems to come. They finally came on, and they were killing. He was singing all of the lyrics, and they all were running all over the place… Then the sound cut out. There was about a 5-minute pause. They started again. By the second verse, the power cut again. This happened a few times. The show was almost cut short. This would have surely caused some destruction. The crowd began chanting "BULL-SHIT." After a while, they got the problems squared away and the show went on. The set was shortened due to the fact that there is a gay-assed 10:00 PM curfew.

I'm not sure what the exact nature of the problems were. The irritation of the technical problems, and the arguing with the sound man had an effect on his performance. However, anybody would be affected by the stress involved in the situation. Had he not been able to perform, official cause of the riot would be because "Robert Zombie didn't complete his set," even though it was not his fault. I'm sure he knew this.

Regardless, they played a good set. Songs included “Dragula,” “More Human Than Human,” “Thunderkiss ’65,” “Living Dead Girl,” “Demon Speeding,” “Superbeast,” ect...

I'd better end this soon since I'm sure everybody has lost interest by now. I'll just close by saying that the parts of the show that were good, were great; and the parts that were not, were not. See any of these three bands if given the opportunity. You will not be disappointed.

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