Slayer Live In Phoenix, AZ

By Atsosie, Pure Rock Patroller
Wednesday, December 19, 2001 @ 5:25 PM

Slayer Live At The Celebrity T

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Hello KNAC.COM fans, I recently attained a Slayer show at Phoenix AZ, at the Celebrity Theater, on December 11th, 2001. Thanks to KNAC.COM for providing me with two tickets to the show. First, me and my friend, head to the show at 8:15pm because chimera was a no-show due to illness, so this a positive note that Slayer, is going to come on at 9 o'clock. I start to get tanked up on a few beers, while listen to postmortem from a vehicle beside us, because my friend's CD player took a shit. We quickly drank up more brew because Slayer is coming on at nine. I pick the tickets and we run in to the venue.

Hundreds of Slayer fans gathered and scream "SLAYER, SLAYER,” while I check out the t-shirts. It's funny, because for a band like Slayer, that is built on brutality, their concept of scaring the shit out of you got somewhat lame, judging by the t-shirt art. One shirt read," Payback" with an American flag on in and Slayer written on the back, another read "Payback's a Bitch, Motherfucker,” with the words highlight in red, white, and blue. Hell, they should have had Hulk Hogan on one of there shirts, with Hulk-a-mania written in blood. Other shirts featured Jesus with nails in his head, reading "In the darkness of Christ, I realized God hates us all.” Cool shirts, more beer. Then I found my place, among the hundreds of blood thirsty, crazy ass banshees.

Soon, the lights go out, and “Darkness of Christ” rips through the PA. Then Slayer appears, and cuts into "Disciple.” I was so wasted, but I managed to scream out "I never want to be god's disciple,” and "God hates us all,” before the crowd rumbles to "War Ensemble.” Shit, I was fighting for my life, this is what Slayer is all about. The crowd went into a frenzy, people being toss left to right, hell, I even saw one of my friends there, holding his chick…ah, love doesn't conquer all, when your staring down a barrel of a Slayer mosh pit. People were living it up, through "Stain of Mind,” "New Faith,” And "Postmortem.” Man, I tell you nothing beats being fucked up with a few Slayer fans yelling at the top of your lungs, "DO YOU WANT TO DIE.”

Then, comes the soundtrack to Satan "reign in blood,” I was hoping to die, during this song, because it would have been a cool way to go. I must have been a good this year because Slayer turned up the juice, with "Hell Awaits” and "Die by the Sword,” and you ain’t lived until you heard that live. The crowd was going apeshit, even a camera crew was filming the event, probably to make up for the Los Angeles live DVD show. With "Dittohead,” "Bloodline,” "God Send Death,” and "Dead Skin Mask.” The crowd never gave up the energy to response with "Slayer, Slayer, Slayer.” Next came " Seasons in the Abyss" and “Mandatory Suicide.” Before "Mandatory,” Tom Araya spoke about how you should get to know your neighbors, and kill the ones that move in with bad intentions. The reason is, you don't know who to trust nowadays. Fuck that. "Chemical Warfare,” rang outto the crazy heathens that took every chance to stage dive, crowd surf, and mosh. Now Slayer leaves the stage. "Slayer, Slayer." This crowd would not die! WE PAYED FOR BLOOD! "South of Heaven" feeds the blood-crazed Klingons, and "Angel of Death" is released to finish them off.

Finally Slayer calls it a day, and I take a moment to ask some fans for their response, "Fucking kick ass,” "Fucking cool,” and " Slayer fuckin’ rules" are what I got. Even, some members of the Hells Angels were there. Too bad we couldn't drink some blood. I was so fucked up that a co-worker tap me on the shoulder, and said, "What's up.” I was so dizzy from headbanging, moshing, yelling and drinking, I forgot his name, I did manage to get his option of the show and, this was his first Slayer show, he said that he was amazed by Slayer's brutal uncompromising style. "Fuckin’ awesome.”

As, I stagger back to my ride home, my friend reminded me of my CDs that I wanted to get signed so we headed back to venue. Waiting with a few Slayer fans as the crew begins to load up equipment, I saw Tom Araya head to the bus. All of us were yelling "Tom, sign our stuff!” He only signed a few by the bus while we were standing by the U-Haul trucks. Then Jeff Hanneman comes out and throws a beer to my friend, he catches it and, hell, we finished it off. But no signing. Even Paul went quickly back to the tour bus. We yelled to get their attention because we were sweaty and it was 20 degrees outside, so we were freezing our asses off. No disrespect to Slayer, but at least acknowledge your fans.

I gave up once one of the personnel of Slayer crew or the venue's crew started talking shit to some kids waiting for Slayer. Some kids were wearing just t-shirts and waiting for Slayer and this big fuck asked his boss if he could get back on the clock, so he could chase us out of there. One kid said, "We ain’t fuckin’ bothering you, so lay off.” But the dick with ears responded, "You fuckers are getting on my nerves.” We all responded, "Well, go stand somewhere else, you don't have to stand here.” Then, he started talking more shit, while his boss was standing there. I knew I wouldn't meet Slayer, so I left. I ain’t going to freeze ass and getting myself in trouble with the stupid fuckhead crew just so Satan can grow some balls and sign my stuff. I know they have families and stuff and Tom had something wrong with his throat, but maybe Tom and the rest of Slayer should get to know their fans instead of their neighbors.

Okay, here's where I came off my high horse and realized I'm not going to meet Slayer. Not today…maybe next time. Thanks for the free tickets KNAC.COM and thanks for a great show, Slayer and those who were still waiting, Hopefully, you got your stuff signed. As for me, my neck was killing me for three days and that is always the sign of a good show. Until then, death to false brat commercial radio metal. Horns up. And to the fuck up security or personnel, I wouldn't stand beside Omasa if I were you. To the fans of Slayer who disagree with me and mention the free tickets, stop your bitchin’, who cares. At least I tried to seize the day.

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