Vince Neil Live In Battle Creek, MI

By Sefany Jones, Contributing Editor
Thursday, October 10, 2002 @ 7:00 AM

Vince Neil Live at the Kellogg

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REVIEW BY: evile32


1. Kickstart My Heart
2. Knock Em’ Dead Kid (Part of)
3. Look in Her Eyes (Part of)
4. Red Hot (Part of)
5. Piece of your Action
6. Same Ol’ Situation
7. Home Sweet Home
8. Looks that Kill
9. Girls, Girls, Girls
10. Dr. Feelgood


11. Smokin’ in the Boys Room
12. Wild Side
13. Live Wire

I figured I would get the set list out of the way first before I started on this show. Vince was performing a free show at the Kellogg Arena, which is located in Battle Creek, Michigan. I recall seeing Motley here back on the Theatre of Pain tour and selling it out to the roof (7,200 capacity). Well, times have changed and even with a show that was free I bet there was only around 1,700 here to witness this so-called "concert." And boy do I use that word loosely.

After a local band opened the show, Vince finally took the stage around 9:10 PM. I was standing dead center in front of the stage and was a little afraid that I might get hit with some food crumbs that would fall from Vince’s shirt. To my surprise, Vince didn’t appear to be as fat as recent reviews have made him out to be. His face definitely appeared to have seen better days though.

Well, the first song "Kickstart My Heart" was okay. Vince’s band is definitely capable of performing Motley’s hits without sounding like a second rate Crue tribute band, but after the first song is when the problems started.

As "Knock Em Dead Kid" was being played I could see Vince’s guitarist Brent Woods and Vince screaming about the sound. And as the solo started, all power was lost. This is the way it was for the next three songs. They would start them and then lose power by the middle. It was getting extremely frustrating for both the band and the crowd. Vince apologized and told the crowd that a "ten minute intermission had to happen so they could fix their shit."

Then as Vince was explaining to the crowd what was going on, someone threw a beer towards the front of the stage and most of it hit Vince. He wasn’t pleased. Plenty of "F" words were thrown out and he threatened to kill the person’s ass if he found who did it. Whatever Vince, at your size the only thing you could beat up is a chocolate cake.

After ten minutes or so, power was restored and "Piece of Your Action" was actually performed without any issues. But for the rest of the night, the band basically laughed off all the technical problems that were happening on stage and made the best of it by kicking out some good solid rock ‘n roll for the next hour.

All the Motley hits were played, except "Shout at the Devil" which bummed out most of the crowd but oh well, the show was free.

Bottom line -- this show won’t go down in my books as fantastic or anything but it was well worth the price and it definitely gave me some good Vince stories to share.


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