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MOTORing Along: Joey Vera Talks About MOTOR SISTER

By Charlie Steffens aka Gnarly Charlie, Writer/Photographer
Tuesday, March 10, 2015 @ 5:53 PM

"There was such a vibe and the energy was incredible and we played great."

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The formation of the Los Angeles-based band MOTOR SISTER was largely due to ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian. He wanted to put a group of musicians together with the sole purpose to play songs from MOTHER SUPERIOR, one of his favorite bands.

Ian’s vision became real at his 50th birthday celebration, where he and some friends performed several MOTHER SUPERIOR songs. One of those friends was none other than MOTHER SUPERIOR singer/guitarist Jim Wilson. Bassist Joey Vera (ARMORED SAINT), Johnny Tempesta and singer Pearl Aday (Ian’s wife) joined in on the jam and the band that would become MOTOR SISTER was born.

Great idea, Scott.

Joey Vera gives an overview of MOTOR SISTER

“It’s weird, the way this all came together,” Vera says. “It was just a party and it was just for fun. Let’s put it this way; the rest of the guys in the band, like me and John and Jim—we were going to be at the party regardless, because it was Scott’s birthday and he invited us. He just sort of threw this thing down after we already knew we were going. He said, ‘Oh, by the way, I asked Jim if he would jam some MOTHER SUPERIOR songs. Would you guys do that at my party?’ We thought, ‘Well, shit, we’re going there anyway. I’ll bring my bass.’ So we had one rehearsal the day before so we had some semblance of organization, of course.”

The gig at Ian’s party went so well that the five friends knew they had something good together.

“It was like we had been a band for a year. It was weird. We had never played together before and played this music or done anything like that together. It was crazy. We just gelled. Right away. There was such a vibe and the energy was incredible and we played great. It was so much fun.”

On the night of the party, after the band played the set of MOTHER SUPERIOR songs that Ian had selected; the five celebrated their gig. “At the end of the night we were all drunk, you know. Drinking beer and hugging each other and shit like that. And then we just started saying to each other, ‘You know what? I wish the world could hear this tonight because this was so much fun… the world needs to hear this somehow.’ It wasn’t like, ‘Yeah! Okay, let’s do a video and let’s get a record deal. Let’s make a three-song demo and let’s take promo shots.’ There was none of that at all.”

Vera says that it wasn’t until a couple weeks later that a concrete plan was made to form MOTOR SISTER and make an album together.

The debut album, Ride, will be released on March 10th and two shows will kick off March 12th in Los Angeles, CA at The Whisky and March 13th at DNA Lounge in San Francisco.

Fans of MOTHER SUPERIOR will certainly appreciate the 12 songs MOTOR SISTER recorded for Ride . “We’re presenting them in a different way than they did,” explains Vera. They were a trio and we’re a four-piece with a female singer who kicks ass. This is like a completely different animal now. It’s a revival of the kind of music we grew up on. It’s fun for us and it’s great for us. We’re not doing it to be nostalgic. We’re not doing it to be, like, trendy or anything like that.“


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