Wildhearts in Manchester, England

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Monday, October 28, 2002 @ 0:54 AM

The Wildhearts Return to Rock

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The Wildhearts Return to Rock Manchester England
Manchester University

By Steven Blackmore

At the beginning of May this year, I was at Manchester University checking out one of Britain’s finest rock bands, the Wildhearts. My review was posted on the KNAC website. In that review Ginger told the crowd that they would return to rock the place again. So it’s now early October, and true to his word here they are again, in front of 900 rock ‘n’ rollers in Manchester.

Before the Wildhearts took to the stage they were preceded by tonight’s support band, the local act Dog Toffee, who warmed up the audience with some kick-ass rock tunes. They played tracks from there Jack Endino produced new album called “Sacred Heart”. This band are Manchester’s best kept secret, as the local press in the city are very trend lead, they won’t touch full on rock with a barge poll! Their loss is your gain, as a US deal could be on the cards soon for this band. Coming on a bit like Supersuckers, they rock through a short 30-minute set. The band even had to tell the audience that they come from the city! Let’s hope Dog Toffee can break through all the crap that’s in UK charts at the moment. One band to definitely look out for. For info on them go to: www.dogtoffee.com

It’s now time for the Wildhearts to hit the stage. They open with “I wanna go where the people go,” with everyone near the front going mad! The band rip into plenty of their Classic’s. From the “Earth v’s Wildhearts” CD we get “TV Tan”, “Everlone”, “Suckerpunch”, “Caffeine Bomb” and one of my all time favourites “My Baby is HeadFuck”. Ginger, the lead singer says, “Not played this song for while”. They then rip into “The Miles Away Girl,” again from the “Earth V’s Wildhearts” CD. They also included some new material. Ginger tells the crowd “That this is going to be next single in January, its called Stormy in the North Karma in the South”. Again I think that this is destined to be another future classic.

Tonight’s gig is bit of a celebration, as the bands first single in five years “Vanilla Radio” has just gone into the UK singles chart at number 26. As Ginger tells the crowd “Many thanks to all of you that brought it, and for an independent release on a label with next to no money, it’s quite a triumph for real music. There’s a big finger to all the corporate labels out there”. I completely agree, well said.

They also play the B-side to “Vanilla Radio” called “O.C.D”, which for just a B-side really rocks. Just shows you how good this band are. What joy it is that Britain can produce a great kick-ass rock band. Let’s hope that rock fans in North America can see this band soon, as they rock big time! Before tonight’s show draws to a close with “Caprice” from their second album “PHUQ,”, Ginger tells everyone “We’ll be back in minute, just do the usual thing, shout and clap your hands and we’ll be back for the encore”.

For the encore Ginger throws the Mic into the audience, fans then shout out what song they’d like to hear next. They choose a song called “Schizophonic”. This is quickly followed by “29xPain” and “Love U till I don’t”, which is their final song tonight, before the guys take their leave. With Ginger again thanking everyone for being such a cool audience, see you again soon.

To sum up a great night was had by all, and as I’ve said the Wildhearts and Dog Toffee do give hope that real rock‘n’roll will break through all the crap that’s out there in today’s trend obsessed charts. For more info on The Wildhearts go to: www.silverginger.co.uk Keep rockin! You know it makes sense.

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