Motorhead and Anthrax Live in UK

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Monday, October 28, 2002 @ 0:59 AM

Motorhead and Anthrax, Rock Ma

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By Steven Blackmore

Tonight I am at Manchester Apollo to see Anthrax and Motorhead. I ‘ve never seen Anthrax before, so it will be interesting to see what they are like.

When I got into the venue the place is packed out with around 3,500 rockers and it’s only early in the evening By the time Anthrax hit the stage the place is ready to rock! Anthrax hit the stage with “Spread the disease” which is quickly followed by their 1991 top 20 UK hit single “Got the time”. The kids at the front are all jumping up and down clearly enjoying themselves as are Anthrax. As John Bush tells the audience “ This is our first tour of the UK for nearly 7 years, we’ve been gone far too long, sorry about that”. The Anthrax set is a mix of new and old material such as “Caught in a mosh”, “Room for one more”, “I am the Law”, “Antisocial”. They also play a brand new song which John Bush says “Tell us if you like this or if you think it sucks, the songs called “Superman” on our new album, which is coming out next year”.

The crowd gives the song the thumbs up. Lead guitarist Scott Ian introduces a song which he said started thousands of those shitty bands, its called “Bring The Noise” which gets big a cheer from fans. Anthrax’s return to the UK has tonight been a big success and I am sure the fans will check them out when they return to the UK next year.

As we wait for Motorhead to hit the stage, The Cult’s “Sonic Temple” album is being blasted at very high volume through the PA system. So you know that Motorhead is going to be loud tonight. As the house lights dim, it is now time to check the truth on some guys Motorhead Tee shirt which says “Everything louder than everyone else”. The band rip into “We are Motorhead” from the album of same name which is quickly followed by “No Class” and “Damage Case” from bands seminal “OverKill” album. They also play “Civil war” and Lemmy asks “Are there any punks in the crowd tonight”, to which a hand full of people raise their hands. Next is a song from 1977 called “God save the Queen”. Lemmy asks “Is it loud enough for you?”, to which everyone cheers.

As well as playing the old classics they play a new song from “Hammered” CD which Phil Campbell introduced to us called “Brave New world.”. They also play two more tracks from the new CD. The old favourites are not forgotten as “Capricorn,” and “Metropolis” are both played. As the show draws to an end, they play one of my favourite Motorhead songs “Killed by death”. Then Lemmy says “Here’s an old rock ‘n’ roll song for all you old fans out there called Iron Fist”. This is then followed by “Bomber” complete with famous lighting rig, which is quite a sight to behold. As the lighting descends to the front of the stage a huge cheer from the crowd goes up.

So after one hour 10 minutes, the set draws to a close. The band leaves the stage to loud chants of “Motorhead”. This brings them back to do an encore of “Ace of Spades”. Before the final song, Lemmy introduced the band, “To my right on lead guitar the second longest serving member of the band after me, Mr Phil Campbell, and on the drum’s, the best drummer in the world, Mikkey Dee”.

Phil says “On my left the one and only Mr Lemmy Kilmister”, again to huge cheers. Lemmy introduces the final song tonight saying “Come on this is Rock ‘n’ Roll not Last night of Proms”. They then rip into “Overkill” which brings tonight’s show to it’s very loud conclusion. With the guys taking their final bows of the night, Lemmy turns his amp up to max and leaves the stage to deafening effect. So as the song says “We are Motorhead, born to kick your ass”…

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