Prong Live at the Mason Jar

By Oclaf, Headbanger
Monday, October 28, 2002 @ 1:03 AM

Phoenix Gets Pronged

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Well folks, another blistering set from the only band that continues to tear up the music scene as if they never left! What else can I say that wasn't said before? well one thing is for sure, these guys rock hard, heavy and fast and this night was as good as the last time.

To get things going, and for those who think maybe Prong is only out there touring as a nostalgia act well, I say screw you, no actually I say the company you draw to your show reflects how relevant you are and on this night, the National League's best pitcher, none other than the "Big Unit" himself walked in to the Jar to see Prong, no shit! Randy Johnson of the Arizona Diamondbacks came down to the Mason Jar to see Tommy Victor and the boys "snap your fingers...". A guy I went with, as well as my son, actually bought a round of drinks for Randy and his two friends and then proceeded to get lit, but that is another story. He was very cool and most folks just kind of left him alone and we all got blazing set from Prong. Turns out that the Unit just dropped in as Tommy and the boys had no idea he was going to be there, all the better. So funny thing is I don't know who was more in awe, the guys in Prong or Randy.

Anyway, you should have been there as that is my mantra, the shows are live and you never know what is going to happen! And you wont hear this stuff on corporate radio. I was able to be right up front, directly in front of Monte the other guitarist. had the right side speaker in my ear and they, yes both, are still ringing today, what?...well they opened with Lost and Found and from there didn't stop until after the fifth song, Out of this misery.

They got into the rest of the set pretty much non-stop and as such, they went right into their encore trio of songs and that was it! fast and furious is pretty much how it went, of course Tommy V was his usual campy self in a strange kind of way that is reflective of his songs and was really gnarly on the soloing of most of the tunes. Monte as usual was there note for note and maintained a steady guitar rhythm even through a couple of broken strings but the tech got him working guitars, at least the first time! Brian stood center stage and pretty much just thrashed himself and the bass for the whole show. definitely a lot of energy from the band. and of course last but most certainly not least was "loud" Dan Laudo, keeping it tight and on time.

After the show they immediately were available out back near their bus and graciously signed anything that was presented. Randy Johnson of course got first dibs with them and took a picture with Tommy V, funny, a guy that is like 6' 8" or something and the other around 5' 8", made for a hard picture to take but they got it done, traded autographs and off Randy went. I talked with all the members of the band and got my CD covers signed, makes for a great story to tell my grandkids! I introduced my son to them as well and he thought that was so cool. He is 16 and I want him to know what real rock is, not the crap that he sometimes listens to today. He had a good time and I had to bail as he had school the next day and it was already one in the morning.

The new CD comes out, 29 October, called 100% live, recorded in the early summer. Make sure you all pick it up and if you get the chance, see Prong. I think I paid a whopping 15 bucks to see these guys and as far as shows this year, best metal/hard rock show since their last one I saw at the Jar. they did come through with Danzig but I had committed to the Scorpions and Dio, so I wasn't going to miss this one. they do pop up sorta unannounced and without radio support, from even our "big red radio" station, but see them if you can, you wont be disappointed, especially for you "new to the fold" rockers, these guys are the real deal, as a band and as people. and one last thing, for you weenies that want to know the set list, GO TO THE SHOW! seriously, here it is, I took it off the floor.

Lost & Found
Prove you Wrong
Beg to Differ
Out of this Misery
Close the Door
Broken Peace
Rude Awakening
Another Wordly Device
Whose Fist
Snap Your Fingers
Controller and these last three were/are printed to show as extras, say for encore maybe?
Freezer Burn

There you have it, bottom line, a class act that rocks hard and fast and will continue to play music better than just about anyone out there today, even the old mainstays! MUYA!

Oclaf in Fonix(Phoenix)

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