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Kataklysm/NecronomicoN Live In Saskatoon

By Andrew Depedro, Ottawa Corespondent
Saturday, November 9, 2002 @ 10:16 AM

Kataklysm/NecronomicoN Live In

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Kataklysm, NecronomicoN and Blood Of Christ Raid The Wash 'N Slosh Saturday October 5; Local PRP Member Unsuccessful In Scalping Fishbone Ticket For Concert On Same Day.

The timing of this concert was a mere fluke as I had just bought a $15 ticket for Fishbone's re-inaguration of Louis' Pub on campus two days prior to discovering that this concert was happening at all. My friend Florin insisted that the concert was "probably on October 28 or 29" the night before when we were out bar-hopping. Two poutines and three pitchers of beer later when I was tired, hungover and almost unable to walk in a straight line, I caught the same flyer for the concert and immediately decided to go to the Kataklysm concert instead, mainly because:

1) The last real death metal concert I saw was either Cryptopsy at the same venue or Fuck The Facts at Ottawa's (now defunct) Underground. If that was even the venue I went to see them. In any case, it was over a year ago and too long by any means.

2) The tickets were $10 each even if I was losing $5 by not attending the Fishbone concert and would've spent that money on this concert anyway had I actually sold my ticket. And what if Grimskunk sounded like Crowned King? Let someone else review that concert instead. I've given out enough stickers so far to make people aware of KNAC's existence......

3) MoshinJohn's been playing quite a lot of Kataklysm's latest material, usually at my request, and he's probably been questioning my deathness as of late. He probably isn't and could care less, but it's my review so I can exaggerate to any extent in my reviews as much as I want.

4) The last review on Obsidian/Tyrant got completely shat on, mainly by.....well, everyone. I told you this city's starved for major tours to come by here. Would you have preferred a review of The Arrogant Worms or another band that sounds like Radiohead or treble charger instead?

5) Everyone else on the continent got the Kreator/Destruction tour. Even Mexico. I checked the Pollstar.com site for tour dates to save you the trouble. And see reason #4 again.

As for the concert....

Toronto's Blood Of Christ was the opening band and were plagued by endless soundcheck and monitor problems that they spent more time rehearsing than actually playing at first and at one point had even considered pulling the concert completely due to sound problems after a total of 30 minutes locating the problem. When the band finally got it together they delivered their brand of gore-soaked death metal-meets hardcore (or what Cannibal Corpse would sound like if they were signed to Victory Records) flawlessly during a remaining 25-minute set. Song titles other than "Covered In Mud" were not forthcoming as it was hard to decipher the words whenever the lead singer introduced them in his Chris Barnes-like growl, which got to be a tad annoying at times. But still a band to watch in the near future.

Montreal's NecronomicoN were the next band to go onstage and were best described as Immortal without the face paint and with either Blackie Lawless or Joey Ramone on vocals. At least by me, anyway, since most of the crowd were laughing at their French accents during soundcheck. This band was completely on fire that I was worried if the headliner wouldn't measure up. Decked out in black leather garb and Peter Steele-type hair, the trio blasted out mostly material from their first two (well, actually, they only have two that are actually still in print here) albums, including this year's Pharaoh Of Gods. The highlights included the album's title track, "Revelation", "The Guardian", "The Symbol Of Life", "Initiation" and "Dark Wings Of Deception".

By the way, the capitalizing of the last "n" in their name is mandatory since there's about three other bands that have that name. Drop their name next time your social calender includes Dani Filth and King Diamond and chances are they'll know who you're referring to and why they're so important.

Another interesting note was that the aforementioned Underground in Ottawa closed a day before NecronomicoN was supposed to play there. I'm not sure if in this post-9/11 fear-of-recession climate that this was a case of poetic justice or not......

Since the headlining band (and fellow Montrealers) Kataklysm was busy rehearsing I popped out for a cheesburger at the 7-11 across the street and missed whatever crowd heckling the band was subjected to for the next 15 minutes. I arrived in time to miss half of the opening number (probably "Damnation Is Here" but the alcohol was starting to take over by then, which explains why I needed to grab a cheeseburger at 7-11. Plus I'm just starting to get into this band.) but the rest of the crowd finally got into the pit as opposed to just me during NecronomicoN's set. Not as savage as Cryptopsy, Dayglo Abortions, Three Inches Of Blood or (because it was at a festival) Collective Soul's moshpits, but the crowd was animated enough to show the band its appreciation and for me to get knocked to the floor a few times, usually by the blonde crewcut mosher with the Australian/English accent who helped me up anyway. With the new CD Shadows And Dust coming out in less than a week, the setlist composed of mainly songs from that album, most notably the title track, "Illuminati" and "Beyond Salvation" (introduced as "a new song that you'll be hearing for the first time tonight" until I told vocalist Maurizio after the concert that MoshinJohn had the Slosh crowd beat by about a week on that one). "Gateway To Extinction" got the best response from the crowd, or as good as a response as the crowd is at the Slosh without crowd surfing. One of my top ten best concerts ever attended even if I'm out $5, but at least I didn't lose it to street crime like I have done in the past.....

Incidentally, I posted this review on another site and the topic was more on "moshing's stupid, gay and played out since 1994" rather than on the bands themselves. I did find out about how a They Might Be Giants concert almost erupted into a riot when a crowd member started a moshpit and was beaten up for his trouble, though. Wacken material for sure. Someone alert DJ Will and Drewcifer. I hear that TMBG CD's make for good kindling at festivals, especially for whatever future festivals Kataklysm and NecronomicoN could be headlining next year......

NecronomicoN's website can be found at http://welcome.to/NecronomicoN

Kataklysm's website can be found at http://www.kataklysm.net

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