MONSTERS OF ROCK (Alice Cooper, Thunder, London Quireboys, Dogs D'Amour ) in London UK

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Wednesday, November 20, 2002 @ 11:30 PM

By Tony Cruse

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MONSTERS OF ROCK (Alice Cooper, Thunder, London Quireboys, Dogs D'Amour )Wembley, LONDON. 11-16-02

We missed the Dogs D`mour cos we were in the pub, hick! Doors opened at 6-30. We got into the arena at 7-15 and the London Quireboys just started! How long could the Dogs have been on for? Anyway the London Quireboys hit the stage causing serge from the bar. Spike looked far too slim, Griff looked far too young and Mogg looked far too old (nah, not really)! They tried to get the crowd going but the crowd looked a tad dull. Spike was tossing his mike stand all over the place and on the last song it ended up in row 4! Funny to see, none other than, Jason Bonham drumming for the boys. They played all their bar-room classics and ended with….”what time is it”?…….’7 O Clock’! London Quireboys – great but short performance, wrong venue!

Thunder up next. They came onto the familiar tape of AC/DC`s ‘Thunderstruck’, with the audience punching the air singing, ‘ahhh ahhhh aahhh ahh, Thunder’. The crowd were defiantly up for this one! Danny looked a tad older with grey highlights and Luke still looks every inch a rock star. They started with ‘Welcome to the Party’, played ‘River of Pain’, ‘Backstreet Symphony’, ‘Love walked in’ a new one, a few more and of course ‘Dirty Love’. They ended with the guitarist from Bad Company, Dave Colwell, joining them for a BC song. Great band, great performance (I`d expect nothing` less from Thunder) and certainly fired the crowd up! Thunder hasn’t lost anything from being away!

Onto the boss- Alice. He opened to a massive piece of classical music – the curtain went down and there he was. The stage was a kind of Blade Runner type of environment based on his latest album, Dragon Town. With his leather and obligatory codpiece, Alice still looked intimidating and paced the stage with menace. He started with ‘Sex Death and money’ from the latest album, then onto ‘Brutal Planet’. The stuff from the last two albums sounded amazing live, it sounded modern but very powerful. His voice was so good it made me wonder if he was using tapes, nah, he wouldn’t! His daughter features quite a lot in the show. She was great and played the part of a screwed-up Nurse Rosetta really well! She’s also pretty good with a machete (during ‘Goto Hell’). The rest of the band looked cool – all dressed up like in Blade Runner. Hey, I didn’t realise Pete Freezing was from London?! They had a great quirky way of moving, like robots –cool! Alice got guillotined as usual and then the drum solo arrived, which was immense – credit to the awesome Eric Singer who played the loudest bass drum I’ve heard in years! Ouch! The band then came out in clean, almost glam-rock outfits and Alice did a few ballads – ‘I never cry’ and ‘Only Women Bleed’. The sound coming from the stage was amazing. He played for about 1hour 55 mins and encored with ‘Schools out’ (for which an original Alice guitarist, Michael Bruce joined the band) then ‘Elected’, the sick, ‘Cold Ethel’ and ‘Department of Youth’. Oh, and Britney wants Alice….dead! There was a strange scene where he hunts a Pepsi swigging Britney Spears and comes back with her head – dunno what that was about?! Anyway, Alice, the boss, the originator, rocked hard and entertained every single person there. It was the finest I`ve seen Alice – he’s got better with age! Great stage show and a great sound – what more could you ask for?

Anyone going to see this package will not be disappointed, I promise!

Just one more thing – think about all that drumming talent out there at Monsters of Rock –`H` from Thunder, Jason Bonham and Eric Singer!

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