GNR Live in Tacoma, WA

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Tuesday, December 3, 2002 @ 11:20 AM

GNR Rock the Tacoma Dome in Ta

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REVIEW BY: Julian Grogan

One sentence perfectly describes Guns n Roses' opening performance Friday night at the Tacoma Dome: It was well worth the wait.

Bad news for Axl Rose haters: as the ex-William Bailey and his new crew of musicians performed magnificently. People who counted GnR out after their tepid performance at the MTV Music Awards will be blown away by how good the band sounds live. They owned the Tacoma Dome for two and a half hours.

I skipped the two opening acts. Sorry, but I didn't want to see a band I've never heard of, or spend an hour watching an ex-Beastie Boy member 'scratch.'

Got there at 10 pm, and the familiar "You know where you are . . . " screamed out at about 10:15. The days of the 3 hour delays are long gone.

Axl was in amazing form. His voice actually sounded better than it did back in the late 80's and early 90's. He hit every high note, his voice didn't crack one time. Axl's voice was phenomenal.

The rest of the band - well, they are a motley-looking crew but they were on fire. Very tight, very powerful and sounded better live than Slash and Duff and company every dreamed about. I was surprised to see Robin Finck actually played the majority of the guitar solos. I'd heard so much about Buckethead that I just assumed that he was the man. But Finck shredded through the solos on songs like Nightrain and Sweetchild of Mine without missing one note. He is a strange looking dude - but he's a hell of a guitar player.

Tommy Stintson did a great job on bass, and Brain is a very powerful drummer. These two are also the only normal looking guys in the band. Dizzy is a good keyboard player - but him and the other keyboarder both look somewhat gay.

Buckethead's feature solo was very . . . let's call it entertaining. He started with a knumchucks demonstration, before a minute of breakdancing and then wrapped it up with about five minutes of various solos (including the theme from Star Wars thrown in for laughs).

A funny moment came during Patience. Two small KFC buckets were thrown on stage and Axl picked them up and put them both on his head. Then one on his head and one on his chin. Stinson was laughing so hard he almost fell down. When Axl saw Stinson almost dying, he started laughing so hard that he ended up only singing about half the song. I haven't seen a rock band having so much fun on stage in a long time.

One lowlight came during November Rain. Midway through Axl yelled to the soundman to "Turn the fucking drums down." A minute later, he yelled "You know you’re killing me brother . . . and not in a good way." He was clearly pissed as his vocals could barely be heard. BUT, this was the only downer of the show. There were no other technical difficulties at all. And, after the song as the crew wheeled the piano off the stage, Axl actually slapped the sound guy a high five - his way of saying "I know you fucked up, but let's keep up the hard work."

Another fun part (again - it was a very entertaining show) was at the beginning of November Rain. Axl sat down at the piano as the crowd is going crazy, chanting November Rain. Instead, he starts playing some goofy song for 10 seconds, stops, and whips his head to the crowd with a "what's up" look. Everybody starts clapping and laughing. He does it again - but plays the notes for about 5 seconds, and then whips around to the crowd again. We all clap and laugh. Axl's got a huge smile on his face - and then finally breaks into November Rain.

GnR played three new songs, and they all sounded incredible. Chinese Democracy was fast paced, and was heavy as anything GnR has done. The Blues is by far my favorite new song -- it's going to be huge. Axl introduced the last new song, saying he's been feuding with the race car industry, and introduced the song as "Mad At Nascar" - and then they did Madagascar. As for the old songs played, they played EVERY song from Appetite except Out To Get Me. It was quite the treat for long time GnR fans, to hear songs that rarely get played live anymore. The underrated I Think About You was great live, and songs like Nightrain, Mr. Brownstone, Jungle, Paradise City, You’re Crazy just sent the crown into a frenzy. A lot of people around me thought that Rocket Queen probably was the highlight of the old songs. The biggest disappointment of the concert was no Don't Cry. I think they were going for the high "rockin" level and didn't want to play too many ballads.

The Dome wasn't sold out, but the crowd was clearly very appreciative of the performance. The new GnR was very tight, played with a lot of heart and soul, were entertaining - it was just a hell of a show. I was very impressed, and give the show an A rating. Korn and Disturbed in two weeks - it's a good month for concerts.

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