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Sevendust Live in St. Joseph, MN

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Tuesday, December 3, 2002 @ 12:37 AM

Sevendust Rocks the Lighthouse

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REVIEW BY: Ratpickle

What an evening this was. To begin with, my girlfriend Aimee and I did not know if we would be able to get into the concert. Instead of allowing Ticket-bastards rip us off for an additional $15.00 above ticket prices we decided to pick up tickets at the box office. We got to the Lighthouse Ballroom (formerly the Delwin) and we were hearing rumors that the show was sold out. The doors were locked so we could not even get to the ticket window to confirm. We were stating to wonder if we would have to miss Sevendust again. After standing in line for a good hour we finally got to the ticket window and inside. This was only the beginning.

The 18+ show started at 7:30PM with a band called Closure. They were quite good. The crowd wasn't really into them mainly due to them being the first band and those of age were belly up to the bar. They played for about a half an hour. 8:20 Cinder hit the stage. Just like Closure, I knew nothing about the band with the exception that I had heard of them. Cinder played for 30 minutes with lots of energy and the crowd seemed to get into them. They really put on one hell of a show. I definitely recommend seeing them live.

Next came 30 Seconds to Mars. They stared their set around 9:15PM and played for maybe 45 minutes. The band played their hearts out but they couldn’t have stopped playing soon enough. The band sounded like shit. The guy running the soundboard had no clue as to what he was doing. We caught him several times holding his hands up looking like he was saying "What the hell do I do now?" The midrange and some highs were way off and the sound was painful. I plugged my ears several times. I am sure the band would’ve sounded a lot better with someone else running the soundboard. Too bad, I have no future plans on checking them out anymore.

Up Next SEVENDUST. We sat through the usual tearing down of the previous bands equipment. This was completed in the usual 20 minutes or so. Ten more minutes went by, then another ten. By now the crowd is getting a bit stir crazy. Forty-five minutes after 30 Seconds to Mars finished, someone came out to the microphone. The news was not good. It was told that the band just received word about ten minutes earlier that there was a death in the Sevendust family. The crowd was completely silent. We were told that the band has decided to do the show as scheduled and we were asked to please be patient and give them a few more minutes.

Finally a few minutes later, Sevendust hit the stage. The band opened with Black. It was obvious something had just happened. The lead singer, Lajon, could hardly make it through the opening song. After the first song he stopped and explained what happened. He went on to say that his little brother Reginald was killed and that his father had just called him and told him the news. He also stated that he promised his father that he would do the show as scheduled. With every song that Lajon struggled to sing and hold back his tears, it seemed as if he got stronger with each song they played. Maybe it had to do with which songs they played, maybe it had to do with how loud the crowd of about 2,000 people were singing the songs word for word when he was unable to hold back his emotion.

I think Sevendust played a total of eight songs. When the band left the stage, they never came back out for an encore. Most nights you would have heard several people including myself complaining, "Damn, they only played eight songs." Not this night. The crowd filtered out with a look on their faces that they just saw the most amazing show ever. You could only hear the crowd chatting about what we all witnessed. To some, they discussed how they could relate to many of the songs played and now those songs will have a totally new meaning now when heard. What an amazing show. Thank you!!! God bless you Lajon, Your family, and the entire Sevendust family.

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