Deicide Live in Paris

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Tuesday, December 3, 2002 @ 12:45 AM

Deicide, Behemoth and Others L

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REVIEW BY: By John CARRICABURU, Aka Paris_Is_Burnin

Mystic Circle
Destroyer 666

Tonight was my first Deicide show. I wasn't the biggest Deicide fan (I only have "Legion" and "Serpents of the Light"), but after tonight I have to say I'll never miss another Deicide show.

The show was at La Locomotive, a mid-sized Paris concert hall that usually gets all the big death metal bands that pass through town. To give you an idea of how popular death metal is around here, Dio played in town 2 months ago at a place twice as small! Tonight there were a couple hundred people, probably 600 as the place looked PACKED by the time the last two bands were playing, lots of teens cuz there's none of that 21 and over shit in Europe, and plenty of ladies too. First surprise, I wasn't even searched on the way in, had I known I would have snuck a beer in, but at least I had my digital camera (I don't have a zoom, so I didn't bother sending in any pictures). Second surprise, the dude who sold me my ticket at the door was the black drummer dude from Diabolic. I only realized this after he said Thank You in English after charging me for my 20 euro ticket (20 euros is 20 dollars give or take a few cents). That was cool considering I was especially stoked to go see Diabolic (any band whose official website is diabolicblastmasters.com has to be cool!).

Here comes the gripe of my review: 6 bands. Who the fuck wants to subject themselves to 6 fucking bands? Well, if it was 6 bands that kicked major ass that would be one thing (like the first edition of Ozzfest maybe, or any outdoor European festival)…but this was not the case tonight.

CENTINEX: Filler, no one gave a shit.

DIABOLIC: Did well considering their singer/bass player has only been in the band since August and their new lead guitarist has only been in the band for 4 weeks! That's better than any other band could probably pull off. I was incredibly pissed that they only played 15 minutes though (as did the first and following band). Now, I would love to know what fucking dickhead decided to add two shit bands to the bill. Diabolic could have played a good half-hour set, but NOOOOOOOOO.

DESTROYER 666: Despite the ridiculous name, these Australian guys (thrash/death) did ok, and their sound was actually pretty decent from the couches where I was kicking it! They look cool too. Not familiar enough with their music though so I'll leave it at that. They got ripped too, only a 20 minute set. Too bad cuz I was actually getting into some of their riffs…

MYSTIC CIRCLE: Filler, no one gave a shit.

BEHEMOTH: Not too familiar with their stuff either, but they kicked some ass and have great stage presence. Kinda of black metalish sorta but with a good death metal sound (if that makes any sense); half of them had warpaint on. My friend was really stoked on them, and they get plenty of coverage in France, which probably explains their position on the bill and the 45-minute set length. Lots of slamming/stagediving. I need to check out their last album, it's supposedly bad-ass.

DEICIDE: This was one fucking weird, yet highly entertaining set. If they ever release a greatest hits album, then it would be made up of the songs off tonight's show: Dead by Dawn, Serpents of the Light, etc…I don't remember all the songs, but if you're into Deicide you can probably guess! The music was expectedly tight as these are seasoned professionals with plenty of tours under their belt. Come to think of it, I didn't hear any screw-ups from any of the bands, even Diabolic was tight despite new members. Between songs was the best, Glen would occasionally be swigging from a 2/3 finished bottle of Jack, even pouring some small sips to lucky fans in the front; stage divers were fucking hilarious, one guy jumping up on stage, mooning the audience and smacking his own ass at the same time (he even came back up later to wave his dick at one of the guitar players, you had to be there…).

The funniest part of the show was this British-accent-receding hairline-from-hell dude in the front row who kept heckling at Glen during the whole ENTIRE show. Every time a song was finished he'd be yelling "asshole" and a bunch of other gibberish; the weird thing is he was continuously taking pictures of the band during the whole show; that makes absolutely no sense. Glen got a kick out of it; at one point he walked up to him and tried to kick the camera out of his hand, barely missing; later on, Glen came up to him and spit on him, and later yet he threw a plastic bottle at him. Glen was obviously entertained by the heckler (a Christian?) and made a few comments to him, the best of which was: "You dirty little Irishman…I'm gonna stomp on you…I'm coming to Ireland, tell your grandma, your uncle, and your whole family to come to the show so that I can put my size 11 boot in their ass!" I fucking loved it.

As for the music, they ripped. Glen looked like he was breezing his way through his shit without even thinking about it, he makes it look easy and his voice was the shit. Every time he does a high-pitched yell he tilts his head way back, hella entertaining guy. He had fun and so did we. Time flew, and when they were done it was already 3 in the morning. That fucking rocks: a packed fucking house on a Tuesday night, I most definitely do not miss the metal scene in California! I do miss the weather as it was raining when we came out.

What review would be complete without a mention of the T-shirt booth?! Well, I would have bought a Deicide shirt but they sucked: low-grade beer-rag-fucking ugly. Destroyer 666 had a killer shirt, though, with a goat fucking a woman dog style (I guess I should say goat style?); I would have bought one but the goat's head wasn't drawn well enough for me to wear. Kind of grateful I didn't spend any money on merchandise!

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