The Murderdolls Live In Philly

By Sefany Jones, Contributing Editor
Friday, December 20, 2002 @ 11:23 AM

The Murderdolls Like to Say F&

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Review by: Bay Breeze & The Metal God

Tonight was the night that rock ‘n roll made a comeback to the city of brotherly love, and we all have to thank the Murderdolls for that. As the dolls came out, I noticed, some of the crowd around me didn't know what to expect, with the band looking like Mick Mars’ illegitimate children. The group, opened up with a song, to get their whole attitude across. "Dressed to Depress" But trust me, no depressing here. The band, was filled with energy & emotion, as they ran, & jumped around the stage, as they didn't stop moving through their whole set.

Then going right into "She Was a Teenage Zombie," the crowd was won over, as fist were pounding the air. The Dolls just keep pounding out their Punk & Glam Metal Mixture, going into the 3rd song, "Let's Go To War."

Wednesday 13, actually played the frontman role good, something lacking with frontmen today, while talking to the crowd between songs, leading up to each song, with the next song, "Slit My Wrist."

The band’s energy seemed to keep getting higher & higher. With something that some bands out there should take a tip from, the band showed non-stop enthusiasm about their music, and seemed like they had fun playing it while playing the next 2 songs, "Love at First Fright” & “Twist my Sister."

The Dolls then play -- I guess you can say -- their tragic love song, "Die My Bride" and into the classic "People Hate Me." During this song, Wednesday 13, again, getting the crowd involved, pulled out a water pistol and started squirting the crowd, not like Ozzy with a super soaker, just going around to people, with a squirt here, & a squirt there, just to be kinda like that annoying kid, trying to be a pest.

The next song up was "MotherF$%ker I Don't Care" which, you can tell, they don’t, as long as there on stage playing their songs, & they shouldn't care, because, they rocked Philly big time.

The set started to wind down, not in energy, but as in songs, the last 3 songs were: the single "Dead in Hollywood," "197666" & lastly "I Love to Say Fuck."

Overall......WOW....Thank God, for the Murderdolls. I was a fan of the bands going to the show, so I might be a lil biased. But me & my partner in crime, the Metal God, were totally blown away, after what we saw.

When Mick Mars put that ad in the paper 20 years ago, for loud, rude & aggressive guitar player...........well that fit this whole band. They were total in your face, 3-chord, punky, trashy, glam, rock n roll. The definition of Rock n Roll in the dictionary, should just say..."Murderdolls Live in Concert" Because they also had fun on stage the whole time, big smiles on faces, non stop energy, at one point a few members, actually taking turns spitting on each other while laughing. Something other bands should take note...rock n roll is supposed to be fun, not rocket science.

So when the Murderdolls, come to your town, make sure you go see them, it’s well worth every penny I spent, and I will go see them again, whenever they’re in the area. A note to Tripp Eisen, who was an original member, had to leave due to commitments with his main band Static - X, .....Tripp, You should have made The Dolls, #1 concern -- bigger future ahead. Acey Slade who made his homecoming in Philly tonight made out on this deal.

Also, Dream tour suggestion.......Murderdolls, Faster Pussycat, Marilyn Manson.

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