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Drunk As Usual Moonshine

By Sefany Jones, Contributing Editor
Saturday, December 21, 2002 @ 9:58 PM


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Okay, Rippenterror’s got something to say here on this unsigned band, Drunk As Usual. Now we don’t usually review unsigned bands, so we’re going to stick it here in the Headbanger’s section. And we let her do this because she a smart metal chick, and she knows her stuff! Enjoy! – Ed.


Drunk As Usual
(as far as I know, they're unsigned)

“Hi. My name is Rippen. And right now, I’m Drunk As Usual.”

Okay! Okay! I stole that from Terry, and one of DAU’s live show’s! I inserted my name, and I stole it. I admit it. Fuck off.

Okay, let’s get down to business, this isn’t about me and my drinking habits, or any other habits that I might have. I plead the fifth, leave me alone. This is about one of my most favorite local bands: Drunk As Usual. As the name suggests, this is about sex, drugs, and rock n roll. No pretentious bullshit, nothing remotely serious. But that’s a bit limiting of a statement: “sex, drugs and rock and roll.” This band is more like this: Betty Ford can go fuck herself with her clinics, the zig-zag man is an excellent mascot, and Beer is God. This is thunderous, ball flattening, endlessly amusing rock and roll equivalent to a thunderfuck! So infectious--so contagious that you might need the free clinic down the street. Tell them Terry sent you. This my friends, is good old dreer binking music that lays the thunder down! Think I’m bullshitting you? You do, don’t you? You think I’m playing this band up to be more than it is, simply because I like them, right? Well, in that case, I dare you--I DEFY you to go to MP3.COM and download a few of these tunes. You’ll be converted with the very first listen.

Immediately you’ll be grabbed by the hooks. SO many you’ll think it’s a meat market. Guitar work is tuned, inventive, occasionally moody, sometimes ultra fast, but it’s always catchy. Many unusual spots and bridges, solo’s that blister your ears, then blending into riffing that are just flat out memorable. Drumming is unique in the fact that it sounds like he’s right next to you--just feet aware. I totally dig the personality that shines through, heavy use of the snare, and light on the cymbals (we all know how I feel about cymbals. Too much makes it tinny and flashy--this is just right.) As I said, the drumming is different, it’s heavy with bass, and will generally kick your fat ass. The bassist. Hm., let’s sum him up correctly. He’s everywhere! He’s a freaking mad man! He’s distinctly heard using some complex notes, and otherwise, he’s part of the thunder this band has. Several songs have a bass lead-in, and small spots where it’s a near bass solo. He’s a freak! This is very fat/meaty sounding. The vocals. Well, let’s just be honest, shall we? They are neither strong nor weak, but they fit. I would liken him to Tesla’s Frontman if I were forced to make a comparison. And even then, that’s a weak comparison. And the gang style chorus is always appreciated! This disc has literally dozens of those moments, and it helps to solidify the unified sound this band has. Song arrangement is different as well. Because this is like a good horror film, just when you think something will happen, it doesn’t! A cool metallic bridge in place of where you think a chorus is coming, or some bass line dripping and oozing along instead of a solo. Then a solo where you don’t expect it--many twists and turns that keep you guessing. And the overall production is this: This sounds damn near live with the best venue you’ve ever been in. You literally feel like you’re right there. And this is a diamond in the rough, none of the edges have been polished to perfection. The imperfections make it perfect to me. I like the free for all feel this has, the untouched, frayed edge feel. This is flawlessly executed, by the simple fact it wasn’t polished smooth. One note that might important to make. Each and every song has a sandwich between them. Spots of an am radio dial turning, evil laughter, children giggling, and the horrible wretching, barfing up your lungs vomit sounds, all the while a voice say’s, “See what you get?!” Some porno music, with a dialogue about porno actresses, the good ones, know how to do a good doggy style. However my favorite of these little breathers is this one: The band is being heckled by a crowd (who suspiciously, sound like the band themselves! Coincidence? I think not!). “You suck! Get off the stage! Buy a Marshall! Nice Pants!” Now, the “Nice pants” line was priceless! However, you get the idea, and should know that these are coming. Once you’ve figured them out, they might become a distraction. But that’s for you to decide how you feel about them, not me.

Each song is unlike the one before, or the one after, so here’s the notes on them:

1) “Lack Of”--This is pure ear candy. It’s grinds and grooves so hard, so raunchily, you’ll be simultaneously begging for mercy, and more. More! The ending to the song slowly winds down, to a torturous grinding halt. Primo song on this disc--and obvious they knew they had made magic with this song. My top song of the year. (Yes. I said that. Threw all the Nile, Nonexist, the Arch Enemy, the Shadows Fall. This is my top song of the year.)

2) “Too Much”--Bass lead in, ass pounding drums. Gang style chorus, with highly accessible lyrics. Faster number, and this is one of the songs with the ear pulverizing solo’s.

3) “Get Laid”--The tender guitar lead in belies the beastly nature of this song. Yes, about getting laid, or having just got laid. Makes you push the volume as far as it will go….”And I just got Laid!” Simply put, no pun intended, a thumper.

4) “Substance”--Simple intro might remind you briefly of 70’s punk, but don’t be fooled! This is ass beating R N’ R, and don’t you forget it! Dead pan in the vocal delivery then mixed up humorously like Suicidal Tendencies.

5) “Comfort”--Excellent Metal intro--runs into highly memorable riffing and vocals--and some of the vocals come from a different speaker for added depth/punctuation. Middle section bashes and thrashes, pulls all the elements together to make another great stomper. Cool metallic bridge to another white hot solo.

6) “Lemonade”--Slow fade in on this rich, thunderous groover!! (My second favorite song on the disc). His Chick fucks his friend, steals his drugs, and now? He’s drinking again! Another great solo contained in this gem.

7) “You Gotta”--Beautiful intro than runs into headlong in a rocker with a moody vibe and solo. The intro that starts the song is repeated right before a second smaller solo. Very inventive.

8) “Take You”--Another primo, ass beating song! Intro has a 70’s rock vibe, thumping bass, underlying riffs are catchy as crabs. While the vocals are expanded as far as possible on this one. Purely magically Rock and Roll.

9) “Newist”--Roller coaster of a song with many ups and down, thrashes and crashes.

10) “Hate”--Excellent metal vibe to this one--this song is again, unlike anything else on this disc. Another primo song! Stomps, snorts, and yells Fuck you! What more could you ask for? Grooves and Hooks? In there.

11) Hidden Track--and now they’re just being silly! And living up to their name. Sounds like a 40’s baseball game, but it’s a drinking song.

It is a very rare disc that immediately goes into my car. I am very picky about what I want on the road with me, and this is definitely in the CD changer. This is so solid, so strong, and so listen able, that it’s a shame this band isn’t recognized on a national level. Yes. They are that fucking good! You wanna slam, head bang, sing a long, can relate to everything, and hours after you’re done listening to it, you can still hear the songs in your head. That my friends, is damn good music.

* * * * ½

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