Guns N’ Roses Live In Las Vegas

By Mr. C2YA, Pure Rock Patroller
Sunday, December 30, 2001 @ 10:41 AM

Guns N’ Roses Live At The Join

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At the beginning of the show they showed a video clip of new GN'R logo (orange/blue with the U.S. flag in the background), then they show the space shuttle and satellite from space camera zooms in through to Earth and gets to land then they show a movie – a soldier is running through weeds and shit. During this, some kick ass music clips from what is most likely a new GN'R song is played (pounding drums, awesome evil guitar from hell) along with images of tanks and all hell breaking loose. Then they went on to another video with a narrator that sounded like George C. Scott and he said, "The Arabs have taken our money - it's time to put the money back!" The speech talked about the economy and about who's the real evil in the world before showing a cartoon of Chinese soldiers. Then it ends.

Stage Setup:
Brain, Dizzy, and Chris's equipment was five feet high (kind like the Use Your Illusion tour setup). Axl's piano came out from under the kit. There was a catwalk and Axl ran back and forth on it a lot. Brain had a red drum set.

Axl was thinner but basically looked the same. He was wearing a white Oakland Raiders Rich Gannon #12 jersey and had black leather pants and Lugz boots that were brown with black bottoms. He also had a Nike watch on right hand and a bracelet on left. For the second half of the show he wore dark-purplish Prince Valiant coat over his jersey. His voice was great and all the screams were fucking spot on. Robin wore an all black jumpsuit. Buckethead had a yellow jacket and he wore a green backpack halfway through the show. His KFC bucket had bloodstains on it. Dizzy looked like Dizzy. Ninety percent of the show Chris wore pantyhose over his head; he was crazy as hell, headbanging and shit. He played acoustic during “Patience.” Paul had a beard. Tommy wore black pants and a black t-shirt that said "bomb."

The sound was screwed up early in the show and during “Oh My God” Axl's mic went out and he got really, really pissed. He threw the microphone and walked to the side of the stage and stared in the sound technician's face, looking evil as hell -- even more evil than when he got pissed during Rock In Rio last year. So Tommy sang almost the rest. During the end of the song, Robin got pissed and threw his guitar at the speaker and it broke and then threw the mic stand across the stage.

The Show:
Axl said that this is the first show in 10 years that he wanted to do and goes on to talk about how former manager Alan Niven forced them to tour in ‘91 and he fired him for it. And then he talks about the European tour. He had no idea there was a European tour. He said, "One day I was sitting at home on the Internet and I found out that the GN'R tour was cancelled and I had no idea that I had a tour." He said don't blame him for the cancellation. He also said has to deal with the "Internet Whores." He also said "We're in the studio doing this album and I can promise you that we're gonna deliver and it's gonna be out of the ballpark" and "we've been working on this album and I can tell you we're doing our best and that's all I can promise." He said someone in the elevator thanked him for doing a show and he was really moved. Later on he repeated again about this was the first time he wanted to do a show and it was all fucking up, but he smiled about it.

Buckethead did three solos. The first solo was after the forth or fifth song and it consisted of “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Big Sur Moon,” and “Star Wars.” The second solo was acoustic and it went from slow to fast. The third was electric.

Someone threw a KFC bucket at Axl and he wore it. Someone threw a black cowboy hot at Axl and he wore it. Tommy wore it at end. Axl started doing the "two-step" while having a huge smile on his face during “Paradise City.”

Rick Rubin, Pauly Shore, and Owen Wilson were at the show.

Robin Finck's guitar tech said 68 songs done - working on 14 more.

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