Rob Zombie In-Store In Fords, NJ

By Jimmy Metal, Pure Rock Patroller
Monday, December 31, 2001 @ 11:16 AM

Rob Zombie Sinister Urge

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‘Twas the Saturday night before Christmas and what better way to ring in the holidays than hanging out with reigning heavyweight shock rocker Rob Zombie!!! NJ rockers would get a great opportunity to meet the creepiest of rockers, as the always busy Rob Zombie was squeezing in an in-store appearance to promote The Sinister Urge at Vintage Vinyl Records in Fords, NJ. Zombie is aboard the Merry Mayhem tour with Metal God Ozzy Osbourne and up and coming shock rockers Mudvayne. The two major gigs between the in-store were at Long Island, NY’s Nassau Coliseum (12/21/01) and East Rutherford, NJ’s Continental Arena (12/23/01). When does this man sleep???

Rules for the in-store were simple. Five hundred passes were ready to be given out with the purchase of Zombie’s new CD starting upon the release date last month. Oddly, about 260 passes were claimed by the time the in-store started at 10pm. But to be fair to Zombie this instore was hardly promoted, as Vintage Vinyl may have thought that with Zombie being a platinum selling and arena-headlining artist he wouldn’t need much promotion. And as a side note, Zombie did an in-store at this same location back in 6/99 when aboard the Ozzfest that summer.

I arrived at the store around 8pm and a small line had formed with my friend Mike being the first to arrive (around 5:30pm). I had brought my camera and three items with me to get signed, which included Sinister Urge, Hellbilly Deluxe CD booklets, and the Rob Zombie McFarlane action figure (version with claws and skull/stone base). Once inside there was a cool setup of a table with four chairs located in the back of the store complete with Sinister Urge decorations including a backdrop. It was getting close to 10PM and the line was now pretty long and running outside around the building. The store was blasting the Sinister Urge and at 10pm sharp Rob Zombie quietly came out from the back of the store and sat at the end of the table (closest to the fans). And a nice surprise was that his entire band was on hand as well to meet the fans (Riggs, Blasko, and Joey Tempesta). I was under the impression that it would just be Rob Zombie. Now I have to say that Vintage Vinyl’s staff was simply great, as they pretty much let the fans and band interact peacefully (i.e. you could get as many items as you wanted signed). There were no security assholes barking out ridiculous orders and they even had a person on hand to take your picture with Zombie and company. This in-store was also being filmed so I just hope that someone sends a copy of this tape to the Virgin Megastore and Tower Records because this IS how an in-store should run.

Again, my friend Mike was the first on line and he had his two nephews with him and they got about 15 items signed (items he got signed included picture discs, 7” and 12” inch vinyl, White Zombie era material, and Zombie toys). They also took pics and Mike had the following to say about his encounter with Rob Zombie, “Rob was really cool and I’ve been waiting a long time to meet him. I told him that his show at Nassau Coliseum last night was incredible and I can’t wait to see the show again tomorrow night in NJ. Rob told me that in February they are going to be doing their own headlining tour, as the only thing I didn’t like about the show was the short set list (about 45 minutes).”

And what was Mike’s favorite item that he got signed??? “Without question the White Zombie 12” green vinyl God Of Thunder EP (circa ’89). As you know I’m also a huge KISS fan [Note: Gene Simmons makeup appears on the front and back cover] so this was a special item to get signed. I still need the black vinyl version of this item, but this is a great piece for my collection. Also, I liked that only Joey Tempesta signed the White Zombie stuff (i.e. Riggs and Blasko weren’t part of WZ).”

It was my turn to meet Rob Zombie and I said, “Hey Rob, its great to meet you and can you please use my silver paint pen to sign my stuff?” Rob responded, “Sure, just let me make sure the tip is working.” Rob seemed really nice and a little on the quiet side. We took a pic together (giving the heavy metal salute) and I told Rob I was looking forward to the NJ show. Riggs and Blasko were both very quiet, but I thought it was cool they were there. Joey Tempesta was last and I asked Joey how the tour with Ozzy was going. Joey said, “It’s a lot of fun, as this is the third time I have been on an Ozzy related tour.” I told Joey that I saw him back in ’99 on the Ozzfest and I was looking forward to seeing the SU stage show. “You’re really going to like our stage as everything is all new for this tour” was Tempesta’s pleasant response.

My time had expired at the table and I hung around the store for about twenty more minutes taking pics and watching fans get everything from guitars to song books signed. Upon leaving, this simply had to be the best in-store I have ever attended as both Rob Zombie and Vintage Vinyl were first class to the fans. Once I arrived home I turned on MTV and what should I find on the screen??? A Rob Zombie concert!!! Yes, the man is everywhere.

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