Seether/RA Live In Manchester, NH

By Sefany Jones, Contributing Editor
Thursday, February 13, 2003 @ 1:16 PM

Seether, RA and Socialburn Liv

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REVIEW BY: Peter Hynd

Went to see this concert at a club called Chantilly's in Manchester, NH. I was there to see RA, since I have been following them from the beginning. RA's home base is Boston, where I'm from.

Socialburn was the first band to play. They have a single out now called "Down." This is a new band from Florida -- their debut album is out on February 11th. I have heard “Down” on the radio, but other than that, I didn't know anything about the band. And most people in the crowd probably didn't either. But they came out and won the crowd over. They all can't be more than 20 years old, but they played a solid 30 minute or so set. They played with energy and seemed grateful to be playing. I will buy their album. After their set, they signed autographs and mingled with the crowd. They seemed down to earth and friendly. Good to see.

Next up was RA. I might be biased because they are from my hometown, but if you haven't picked up their new debut album, From One, please do. You would be in for a treat. Lead singer Sahaj called their music “Police meets Metallica.” He's dead on. Picture Sting singing with Metallica-type music… and you basically have RA. They absolutely rocked the joint with their set. To me, they are too good to be playing in a small venue like Chantilly's. Sahaj's voice was incredible backed by Skoota Warner on drums, Ben Carroll on guitar, and Sean Corcoran on bass. Sahaj also plays guitar. Of Course they played their signature song, "Do You Call My Name," which absolutely rocked live, but their other songs also came across real well. "Fallen Rock Zone" is another one of my favorites off of the album and I was happy to hear that live.

I'm not a musician or anything, but I am a music fan, and RA is just refreshing. Their sound is familiar but it isn't at the same time. But I will tell you this -- there isn't one band on the radio right now that sounds like them. Currently, on the radio there are bands on that I have no idea how they get played. It’s time for RA to take over the reigns. And I hope other people in the industry take notice of this very talented band. I believe they are good enough to play the Ozzfest this year and hopefully Ozzy or Sharon will notice them. Because I guarantee, they would blow away people. Ok, enough babbling… After their set, they also signed autographs and talked to the fans. They were all very nice. They hung out as well when Seether came on.

As for Seether, well, picture a heavy metal Nirvana. This band is from South Africa. They a relatively new. Their song, "Fine Again" is getting heavy airplay. They were solid. I wasn't much of a Nirvana fan but Seether was good. Lead singer Shaun Morgan has a powerful voice. The band sounds good live. Powerful guitars, bass and drums. They played their new song off of the upcoming Daredevil soundtrack, "Hang On." My favorite song off their new album is called "Needles." That came off great live -- very heavy. Sahaj came on at the end to join Shaun for a song off of Seether's album called "Broken." All in all a great show.

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