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Overkill Wrecking Everything -- An Evening In Asbury Park DVD

By Eden Capwell, Contributor
Thursday, February 13, 2003 @ 2:19 PM


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Let’s just say this. There was never a bad Overkill performance, at least not to my knowledge. I’ve never heard once a complaint about Overkill live. This DVD proves why. Absolute powerhouse performances. They never tire. They give over 100% of themselves in a live setting. Out of love for playing live. In fact DD said in the second disc, they only recorded so they could go back out and play. If they could have kept touring without recording they would have. This is a blistering, balls -out, hammer to the head, wickedly and deliciously psychotic and inhuman performance. Stellar and outstanding. A few stage raps, that of course are highly quotable, but since I know you’ll be buying, or have already bought this, I won’t go to that degree of detail. Song after song, there is no rest for the wicked here! They keep going in the ultimate energizer bunny manner. Energizer Overkill that is. “I’m quite touched by the turnout… there’s camera’s everywhere. And you’ll break the lenses you ugly motherfuckers.”

The lighting is great, emphasizing the players, fog, the background logo, and mass strobes that punctuate the songs at just the right moments. Camera shots are primarily on Blitz, but don’t be concerned. Everyone gets their shots! Down to the footwork for the drummer’s (Tim) double bass! No shit man! The variety of shots is enormous, including an intense crowd. They ruled -- no question there. The splicing is mind-blowing --especially given the amount of cameras there were. One for each band member, one for straight ahead, side shots, back audience shots, front row shots from above looking down. I lost count after 12 different angles. And yes, as I said, spliced incredibly, and I now understand why this took so long to get to the stores, and why it was delayed. 90 minute concert, spliced and woven by some freakish master to say the least. (I’ve got it playing right now, just listening to the music.)

Current Line-up:

Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth – vocals
DD Verni – bass
Derek Tailer – guitar
Tim Mallare – drums
Dave Linsk – guitar

Another gleaming gem lies in the second disc! You think they were done with just a powerhouse 120-minute show? Think again! The second disc is an extensive 90-minute interview with all the band members. Primarily Blitz and DD, but other members, past and present are interviewed. IF you want highly quotable, it’s here. There were so many good quotes I couldn’t write them down fast enough, and besides that, my pop was shooting out my nose after one quote. Yeah, it was so funny I shot Sprite out the nostrils like a fountain! In between these questions, are bits and pieces of old live material -- especially notable is “The Rip and Tear”-- which is a rarely played song. But the interview itself goes across the timeline, the early days, past members, shows they’ve played (they count 2,000 -- I speculate if that number isn’t slightly low…?) how they’ve stayed relevant in this day and age, life in the band, life on the road, record labels, and how the band is now self managed. One of the most important things you can take away from this second disc is this: utter grace and humility. They are put on pedestals now, by myself, because they are metal lovers first, musicians second, and never the prima donna rock star. That’s not these guys. They want you to know this: they are one US! They are not one “them,” but really fans like you and I are. That’s the cool part. I respected that so much, and loved that attitude. They love metal, and hope to keep playing it for another 15 years. I hope they do as well, and promise that the new material is going to be “heavy” “good” and more “guitar orientated,” and that’s what we expect from these guys, nothing but the best. They’ve stayed true to the love of metal, producing it, playing it, pushing it, and they have yet to disappoint any of their fans. I have the utmost respect for this band, and am proud I have been a fan of theirs.

Random quotes that are contained in the second disc:

“We were in Poland. And I was in a fine Polish drinking establishment, drinking my fill. And I’m shooting my mouth off and I got roughed up by the military dudes. I now realize that “Fuck YOU” is understood internationally.” ~ Blitz

“….It’s all about the riff….” ~ DD

“We live off of Overkill. No, we’re not getting rich. But we’re living.” ~ Blitz

The band is self-managed now, which works for them nicely. “Overkill was a fortune pissed away [by mismanagement].” “Although being self-managed is a lot of horse shit and bullshit!”~ DD

Being forced underground, as Overkill has always been in the underground according to themselves, creates “pure music.” “Those are the people who really want to play. It’s difficult to play metal. It makes it more pure.” ~ Blitz

Overkill has always been about “alienating the masses.” And therefore, the underground accepts them. ~Blitz

“Action to reaction… comes from the gut.” -- On making Overkill music.

“I listen to metal all the time. What the hell is with these people who play metal, but go home and say they listen to jazz or classical? That’s horseshit! In my house it’s metal, unless the sports channel is on.” ~DD

“What about these people who say they outgrow metal? How? How? How do you… outgrow metal?” ~DD

“What about those people who say, I don’t like metal anymore? HOW? How can you like it, then not like it anymore?” ~DD

“Overkill has stayed true. We never sold out. We kept our music.” ~Tim

Humble. Humility. Love and passion for metal. That’s Overkill -- they’re as big a fans of music as we are! They are one of “us” and will never be one of “them.” They’re all about the live show and giving everything they’ve got to give.

Recorded at the Paramount Theater N.J.

Set List for Disc 1 (120 minutes)

Thunderhead * (one of my favorites)
Evil Never Dies
Deny the Cross
Wrecking Crew
Hello from the Gutter *
Bleed For Me
Long Time Dying
It Lives
Battle *
Spiritual Void *
The Years of Decay
In Union We Stand
Overkill *
Rotten to The Core *
Fuck You *
(Fuck you was split in half, and in between it was “War Pigs” and bits of “Changes” off of Coverkill)
Extended Fuck You as an encore.

(* Denotes my favorites as well as the audiences.)

Best DVD I own. Quite possibly the best I’ll own for a long time.

* * * * *

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