Guns N’ Roses Live In Las Vegas On New Year's Eve

By Mr. C2YA, Pure Rock Patroller
Tuesday, January 1, 2002 @ 11:54 AM

Guns N’ Roses Live At The Join

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I wasn’t at the House of Blues but I’ve listened to the bootlegs many times and I’ve talked to three people at show that were at last year’s House Of Blues show and they agree that it blew it away. Not only the fans but one of the same security guards from last year’s show said the same. The energy was incredible, right now they are ready to take on the damn world. But like I said earlier, they didn’t play new songs.

The show kicked off unbelievably and the whole show was free of any technical problems. The band was extremely tight and the energy throughout the whole show was incredible, every second throughout the show was amazing. No fuckups at all. Robin and Tommy were going crazy.


Welcome To The Jungle
It's So Easy
Mr. Brownstone
Live And Let Die
Oh My God
My Michelle
Think About You
You Could Be Mine
Sweet Child O' Mine
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
November Rain
Out Ta Get Me
Rocket Queen
Chinese Democracy
The Blues
Paradise City (encore)

Now onto their attire – Axl wore the same shoes as the night before, he had cream pants (couldn’t tell if it was leather though) and a #44 Florida State Seminole Jersey. He had a lot more dreads in his hair tonight, and in the back, he had dreads but the tips were straight and long. He was wearing a watch with what appeared to have diamonds around it. Later on in the show Axl put on a dark-bluish corduroy jacket and then he wore it for a couple of the songs and then wore the same Prince Valiant-type purplish coat from the previous show. For Paradise City, Axl came out in a shiny sparklish-blue shirt, it was something that Liberacci would envied.

Robin wore a one piece suit. Around the legs it was black and dark-reddish around his waist. He had one long sleeve on one side, and sleeveless on the other with a stocking on his arm. He had on some type of bowtie.

Buckethead wore Lakers jumpsuit pants, and a plaid long-sleeve shirt with a red and white striped apron. He had the same bucket as the other night but with the “Funeral” sticker on it. During November Rain, I had expected him to come out with the lights in his eyes, but tonight instead, he came out with a new logo KFC bucket and when we started his solo, the bucket rotated back and forth around his head. After the song, Axl asked for bucket change, and at that point, he was wearing a Hard Rock Casino bucket and wore it for the rest of the show. (I think)

Paul wore black leather pants and a shiny shirt.

Tommy came out in a checker 3-piece suit. He took the jacket off after a couple of songs and wore a white tank top the rest of the show.

Brain wore a regular t-shirt.

Dizzy wore a tank top and pants with a chain hanging from his belt.

Chris was wearing a gas mask and then put on some kind of a mask that looked like a Hawk, something with a long beak.

Axl thanked people who participated in the “Welcome Back” ad that was published in the L.A. Weekly earlier this week. Someone in the audience handed him a copy of it and got misty-eyed reading it. Axl also referred to former manager Alan Niven again, but didn’t say his name (he didn’t think he was worthy of mentioning). He then said something like “We’re gonna tour, not for the industry, not for something or someone, but for ourselves.” And “we’re not gonna tour for some musician that’s on heroin” (He then made a goofy face and said in funny voice) “because he might die anyday!” Axl again said, “These are the first two shows I’ve wanted to do in 10 years.” Axl said that Robin said, “Let’s do a rehearsal and fix this shit and put on a hell of a show!” and then Axl said he agreed with him. During the first part of the show, someone threw a pink rose at Axl and he put it in his mouth for a little bit. Someone (possibly Mark Roulley?) threw him a small white towel and on it in marker it said “CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH WAS FIXED!” Axl showed it to the audience and laughed. Axl also asked if there was any people that attended the 29th show and there wasn’t too many people. He then asked them if tonight was a much better show and they all went crazy in agreement.

Buckethead did the “Wish Upon A Star” and then something else and then “Star Wars Theme” as his first solo. Afterwards, Axl said, “I got a chill because I thought Darth Vader was in the room.” Buckethead did have a Darth Vader mask with his toys as well. Buckethead did a sick ass nunchakus performance and threw them in the audience. His second solo was acoustic. His third solo was “Big Sur Moon” and “Eruption” – my jaw was dropped – it was amazing. There was a waiter at the side of the stage (who was also there the 29th but didn’t do anything) and he had a silver platter. Buckethead walked over to him and he lifted the lid to the platter and it had a severed rubber hand. Buckethead picked it up and proceeded to do the tapping to “Eruption” with it and then threw it in the crowd. I had been dying to see this (I had a heard about it before). He did the solo with the rubber hand better than Eddie Van Halen has ever done in his life.

Tommy, unlike the 29th, was active and ran all over the place. Take what Tommy did at Rio and multiply it 50x, he was like a damn 10,000 shot Black Cat firecracker! At some point he said “Hi” to girl named Michelle in the balcony and later waved at her again.

Robin was amazing as well. At the end of “Paradise City,” he jumped into the audience and crowd surfed almost to the back of the venue and all the way back to the stage.

Oh yeah, both Tommy and Robin were drinking beer the whole show.

Some other little things during the show…

During “The Blues,” during Robin’s solo, Axl proceeded to act like maestro as if he was really into to the solo and he did it a little more throughout the song.

During “You Could Be Mine,” Axl was looking up at Brain and started to do high kicks.

During “Silkworms,” Axl rolled around on the floor at the end of the song and right before that Robin Finck acted as if he was reeling in a kite as he walked offstage.

“Viva Las Vegas” was played while the band was offstage before the encore.

During “aradise City,” Robin came over near Buckethead and put his head to his chest and went off and jammed out.

The whole band seemed very happy and everyone was full of energy and having a great time. If you missed this show, I feel bad for you and I’m sorry. Anyone that you will talk to that went to this show will tell you how awesome it was.

Special thanks to Jonathan Lee for typing this up for C2Ya!

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