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The Donnas Live in Seattle

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Tuesday, March 11, 2003 @ 12:54 AM

The Donnas, Rodney & Ok Go Liv

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REVIEW BY: Chris Curtis, aka kidnothing

Hot on the heels of their latest offering, Spend the Night, The Donnas crashed Seattle playing their brand of straight ahead rock. No frills, no glam (other than a cute drummer); they packed the house and entertained a crowd of mostly junior and high school-aged girls.

Feeling queasy from the high-pitched cheers of the crowd, I made my way to the bar in an attempt to escape being arrested for checking out underage chicks. Opening the evening was a band called “Ok Go.” If the name doesn’t say enough, they are pretty much dull, boring and sounded like a band that would pen the next sitcom theme song. Somehow I pictured them guest appearing on Friends. They played around a 30-minute set and I was happy to see them leave. Their look was an all-to-regurgitated-Beatles look. Lame!

Next, and three beers later, was “Rodney.” Another band I had never heard of before, but they played a pretty up beat, energy show. At one point bringing a crowd member onto the stage and giving him his brief stint of fame (and humiliation). They did play “Africa” by Toto and that was well received.

At this point in the night, I was regretting even going to the show. However, this girl walks by wearing an “Accept” t-shirt. Thinking there is no way she even knows who “Accept” is, I make small talk and compliment her on the shirt. Come to find out, she does know and likes the band, along with Megadeth, Exodus, Testament and a host of other cool, old school metal bands. Kris, her name, and her friend Katie, made a dull night fun and we hung out for the real act, The Donnas.

Sometimes plain and basic is good, and The Donnas were just that. A simple stage, and looking very much like the video “Take It Off,” they opened with “It’s On the Rocks” and went from there to “You Wanna Get Me High.” I’m pretty sure this was how the Go Go’s were supposed to be in the ‘80s, and The Donnas exposure seems to be drawn from this. To their credit, most reviews I’ve read have them borrowing more from The Ramones, and that’s never a bad thing. “Please Don’t Tease,” and “All Messed Up On You” later followed, with nothing flashy added during the set.

Before I knew it, they jammed into “Take It Off” and were walking off the stage. The girls returned for one more song, which I didn’t recognize (could have been the endless beers at that point), but it sounded vintage Donnas and put a nice stamp on the evening. Before the show I had chatted with a few people who went and saw them earlier in the day at Easy Street Records for a signing. Most said they were cool and took time to chat, not just sign and push people along like a factory. The show had that feeling, too. They spoke very little between songs; the bassist would address the crowd in some high, extremely irritating voice, (never understanding a damn thing she would say) but it did leave an impression on me. Or maybe it was all the beer. Either way, thanks to The Donnas and to Kris and Katie for a cool evening.

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