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Primadonnaz Live in Philly

By Sefany Jones, Contributing Editor
Saturday, March 15, 2003 @ 10:38 AM

Glam Rockers Primadonnaz Live

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REVIEW BY: Bay Breez

"Glam is Back ….and the Primadonnaz Told You So" !!!!

That's right, Glam is back -- if it isn't someone forgot to tell the Primadonnaz. But no one seemed to complain on this night.

The band, took the stage and the smoke and lights started to fill the stage, as they burst into their opener, "Models and Moviestars" and right into the next song, "She Don't Fall in Love".

The band was hyped -- you can tell from the opening chords, as they consider Big Nick's their home base. The crowd loved every second of them, dancing around to every beat of each song, with songs like "Beautiful" and "Superstar" and "Pure" These guys, and I can't forget to mention girl, know how to give you your money's worth.

It was cover song time, and it is the Divinyls classic "Touch Myself," which is a true classic to witness. Mikey Primadonna, who right now gets my vote as best frontman in the Philly area, socializes with the crowd between songs, gives each song a little talk up, which I enjoy. The intro he did leading into the next song, was basically saying how he had help writing this song from a lot of different musical influences, like R. Kelly, Pete Townshend, Michael Jackson… which lead into "Teenage Lover."

One of their older songs, "Vampires," was up next, which appears on their CD Primademoz ‘98-‘01. Into another crowd favorite, "Numb," as the floor was filling up more and more, with people getting off their asses from the bar, and really getting into not only what they saw, but what they heard.

"Just A Shame" and "Seeing Starz" were next up, both from the Primademoz CD. Seeing the Primadonnaz reminds me of seeing classic ‘80s glam bands -- I hate the whole "hair band" moniker -- like Faster Pussycat, L.A. Guns, Pretty Boy Floyd, Motley Crue back in their Sunset Strip days. With all the make up, hairspray, leather, spandex and some good music to boot.

The show was just about over, as they went into one of their more popular songs, "Black ‘N Blue," and into their set closer "King of the Drag Queens," which, from the 1st time I saw them, was the stand out song for me… especially on this night, as I went back down onto the floor to get some more pics. During the guitar solo, Mikey ran through the crowd and climbed atop the bar. What a site this was, as a glammed out singer, on top of a bar, getting a crowd to sing along, "Don't Tell you Mama, you the King of the Drag Queens" with 2 middle-aged guys on the floor dancing around and screaming the words back. This was truly a Glam spectacle to see.

Usually that would be all from the Boys and Girl, but the crowd wanted more, and wouldn't take no. It kind of took the band by surprise too, because I don't think they expected to actually get an encore, but they did, and didn't disappoint with "She Don't Understand," with the band's female back up singer, JJ Wilder…. Yes, I said female backup singer. Honestly you can't tell who is having a better time on stage, they boys or JJ, as she non stop dances around in her little outfit keep the boys eyes glued. Back to the song, JJ jumps into the crowd, and starts dancing with them, getting everyone involved. This band knows how to keep you involved and entertained. Between good catchy glammed up trashy songs, singer Mikey's interaction with the crowd and JJ adding that li’l extra, Primadonnaz are becoming a must-see in the Philly area.

Mikey also announced, they are taking the next few weeks off from live show to finish their new CD, and for anymore info go to: Primadonnaz.com and JJWilder.com.

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