Electric Magic Sideshow Live in Philly

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Friday, March 28, 2003 @ 0:01 AM

Sideshow Live at Big Nick's Sa

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“Lipstick & Leather & Platforms to Boot”

REVIEW BY: Bay Breez

Well, what a night, we all were in store for a evening of Glam Slam Rock ‘n Roll Music and what a way to start it off then Fast Lane Recording artist… “The Electric Magic Sideshow.” I pulled up to the club, and saw this guy wearing a ton of makeup & knee-high sliver platform boots that would make Ace Frehley proud, and I said, this is going to rock.

The band was walking around before they took the stage, and they all had on 6-inch platforms, and I said, you can tell these guys are from New York, because, you can’t get cool Glam clothes like that in Philly. But enough about platforms & clothes, it is about the music, too.

The band took the stage, and started off with an original called “Lover Everytime.” Instantly you can’t help to compare lead singer and bassist Billy May to Paul Stanley. He sounds very much like him, and basically has every one of his stage moves down also. Then, the band went into their next song, to no surprise a KISS Cover, of “Detroit Rock City.”

The Sideshow then played another original, which is their single off their new CD, Good Enough For You. Three songs into their set, you can’t help but notice the huge KISS influence on these guys. There songs sound like classic KISS, from their first 3 albums.

Next up, was another cover. This time some AC/DC “TNT” and back to an original, “Every Time We Kiss.” By this time, they have started to win over the crowd. Realizing they were going to flip flop back ‘n forth between original and covers, I was a li’l turned off, because, I wanted to hear what these guys had to offer, but it seemed to work for them, as it keep the crowd into them, and they actually started to give their originals a chance.

Now, going back in time before Glam rock started, their next cover was “Helter Skelter,” were I can almost say I got the chance to hear Paul Stanley doing the Beatles. “If I Only Knew,” which is also on their new CD. By this time, I was thinking, ok, I might buy a CD, as a huge KISS fan, I was getting into these guys. With that classic ‘70s glam rock ‘n roll sound, I was really digging their set.

Now, the song that really got the crowd going during their set, was the classic, “Walkin the Dog,” which really got people on their feet, as for cover songs, which I don’t mind 1 or 2 by any band, this is defeintly a keep for the Sideshow.

As the set started winding down, it was time for their last original, “She’s Got You,” and finally the closer, which I can admit, I did expect another KISS song, but I was surprised, by the Stones classic, “Jumpin Jack Flash.”

Overall, good show from the Glamsters from New York. They won over the tough Philly Crowd, when a lot of the Philly people were looking down on the dudes with makeup and high heels. They got up there, rocked out, and played some classic Glam rock n roll, and made all of us fans go back in time to the ‘70s.

For more info on these guys go to ElectricMagicSideshow.com.

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