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Devil May Care Live in Atlanta, GA

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Friday, May 16, 2003 @ 9:20 PM

Devil May Care at Jezfest at C

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While in Atlanta last week, I was invited by David Angstrom of Supafuzz, Hermano, Devil May Care, and 10 other bands probably, to check out Jezebel Magazine's annual Jezfest. The night promised 10 bands or so, and some great eye candy as this is Atlanta's own fashion/style magazine. Definitely not my scene per se, but if David and Co are going to be there, then this should be quite an interesting evening.

I will preface this by saying that I always respect the hell out of any musician that will get up on stage and do whatever it is they do, laying themselves bare on the stage. I would love to do it, but my lack of talent and keen sense of that lack of talent prevents me from doing so. Therefore anyone willing to do it has a bigger sack than I, and I will always try and throw you mad props for living the dream. You would think that a magazine supposedly the caliber that Jezebel's seems to be would have the ability to get bigger or at least better bands for their annual Jezfest.

Out of the 10 or so bands that performed there was only one band that truly rocked. Out of all that 'talent' there was only one band that shined tonight, only one band that got up on stage and laid it all out and just killed, shitty PA and all, and that was Devil May Care.

Club 1150 or eleven50 for the Gucci crowd that normally inhabits it, is really quite cool. The main part of the club appears to be a ballroom. There are several lounges off to the sides and back of the main room, all with their own bars. And outside is a pool and little curtain lined cabana type rooms to relax and enjoy the music in. This place is huge, and as stated would be a great place to catch some killer bands, though on regular nights it is all DJs.

Devil May Care is originally from Lexington, Kentucky and relocated to Atlanta about eighteen months ago. The band is led by the lead vocalist Aleah X -- a striking woman with an amazingly clear almost angelic voice, who at moments sounds as if she is in a choir, and just as quickly switches to a dirty sleazy little snarled growl that can belt it out like nobodies business. Currently backed mostly by Supafuzz while she and the guitarist look for a new bass player and drummer, Devil May Care took the stage and truly laid the other bands to waste in a much too short 30 minute set.

Listening to their album, Devil May Care sound at times like a hard rock band, an electronic band, a punk band, a pop band, but always maintaining the distinct sound and style that is DMC.

Live they rock with the best of them. How can they not when they are backed by the ever killer Supafuzz? Aleah's amazing vocals wouldn't be denied this night, not by a crappy PA system, and not by an audience that had already tired of the other bands and had mostly left. Standing front and center of the stage, mesmerized by the vocal prowess and outstanding music, the venue and crappy PA simply disappeared for me. I was taken in immediately and never let go during Devil May Care's set. The highlights for me were the song “Why Would I” with Aleah's vocals caressing you into submission while regaling you with a sinner/saint tale of a bad girl wanting desperately to be good, or simply wondering why she's bad to begin with. And when she sings/whispers the line, “Well I don't mean to be bad, but sometimes, I am.” You cannot help but feel the chills run all over your body (yes, Eric you were right on the money on this one). And the set closer a cover of Motorhead's “Ace of Spades” unleashing the entire band in a frenzy that must be seen to be understood fully.

If I have anything to say about it, you all will be treated with the chance to see Devil May Care for yourselves in the very near future. Until then you can check them out at www.DevilMayCare.org and pick up their debut album Delicate on the site.

My thanks to David for the invite, and the entire band for a great night. Thanks for welcoming me in, and allowing me the distinct pleasure of experiencing that which is Devil May Care.

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