Suki Jones Live in Philly

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Tuesday, June 3, 2003 @ 0:55 AM

Suki Jones, Featuring Steven A

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REVIEW BY: Bay Breez

Appetite for Destruction … Correction … Appetite for Fun!!!!!

That’s right, the destruction days are over, it’s now time for fun. Everyone remembers the all time classic album, from one of the biggest bands of all time: Appetite for Destruction from Guns N’ Roses. Well, an important part of that chemistry of that monumental album was drummer Steven Adler, who was with that band through their prime years, but was given the heave-ho, for his own appetite for destruction. Steven who had a serious drug problem, which caused him to almost lose his life, has realized he doesn’t need that in his life, when he has music.

Steven came out real quick, to check out the drums, when the crowd in front stage huddled around him, and he was shaking hands, signing autographs, taking pics. You can just see a whole new happiness of life in his eyes. Whether it’s he’s happy to be alive, or playing music again, bottom line is he is happy, and he is still able to rock.

Steven has put together Suki Jones, which is a Hollywood All-Star band, featuring Robbie Crane on bass from Ratt, Kerri Kelli, who has played in just about every band from LA, except Motley Crue and Poison. Erik Turner from Warrant, filling in for Brent Muscat from Faster Pussycat, and rounding out the group, is current Ratt vocalist Jizzy Pearl. /p> As the lights start to shine, and those first few guitar notes of “Welcome to the Jungle” strike, instantly, Steven, the crowd and rest of band, just flat out rock! Going right into “It’s So Easy” this band sends a thousand times better then that band that called themselves Guns ‘N Roses on the MTV awards last year.

Steven put together Suki Jones, so he could go out and play the songs from Appetite the way they were meant to be played, and these guys proved after 2 songs they could do just that.

“Night Train,” “Mama Kin” and “Move to the City,” which the latter two are from Guns’ actual first release, the 4 song EP Live Like A Suicide. Suki Jones, has that raw sound just like the original Guns. Jizzy Pearl, leading the way and commanding the stage, just like Axl once was able to. Kerri Kelli, playing all the leads note for note, and not needing a top hat.

At this point, I start to say to myself, Appetite for Destruction is truly the greatest rock ‘n roll album. Once they break into “My Michelle,” that just firms it up for me. Yes, this is only 1 original member of GnR, but hell, they are rocking out like they wrote these songs, which also just proves that hell, these songs kick ass.

A song that probably has been performed in every GnR show, except for ones that Axl caused riots or trouble in, is the Bob Dylan classic “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” which to me is the only time I can tolerate a Dylan song, is when I see a band like this perform it.

Two of my favorite songs from the Appetite album are up next, “Mr. Brownstone” and “Rocket Queen,” which just sound incredible. I have read reviews form other shows that Suki has done and they all say the same thing. These guys are just having fun, and it is the absolute truth. The whole time, they are all smiles, playing some of the greatest rock songs of all time and just loving every second of it. Especially Steven. This guy -- you have to just totally support this guy. He has been through a lot of tough times, with personal demons and also suffering a stroke, but it hasn’t dampened his spirits or his playing.

At this point Robbie Crane, called for PJ to come on stage, and that PJ turned out to be PJ Farley, formerly of Trixter. Robbie slipped his bass onto PJ, and the band broke into “Sin City” from AC/DC and Robbie literally taught PJ the song as they played and if you closed your eyes, you never would have known.

Last song” “Sweet Child of Mine,” which was kind of a surprise, because of course everyone was expecting “Paradise City,” but it just didn’t happen.

It was a weak crowd, which is kind of depressing, as the band was on stage, the crowd was totally alive, and loving every second. As soon as they walked off stage, and the DJ was trying to get the crowd to scream for the band to come back out, you heard maybe a handful of people, which just totally sucked. These guys just played their heart out for 45 minutes, and just kicked ass and in my opinion, the crowd just let them done. Which sucks!!! The band didn’t let us down at all, why did the crowd?

If Suki Jones comes to your town and you are a fan of Guns ‘N Roses, or any of the guys in the band, they are worth the price of admission. They kicked ass, played the songs with passion and emotion, and they played them better then the current version of Guns ‘N Buckets.

For more info on Suki Jones go to http://sukijones.com/.

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