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Q5 New World Order

By Alex Yarborough, Orlando Contributor
Wednesday, August 24, 2016 @ 11:49 AM

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New World Order

2016 Frontiers

Q5 were formed from the ashes of Seattle’s TKO back in 1983. The last time we heard from Q5 was 1986’s When The Mirror Cracks, the overly commercial major label follow up to the classic debut album Steel The Light in 1984. For the most part, When The Mirror Cracks was so different from the debut album, fans were turned off and the band eventually broke up. But there is no denying Steel The Light was an excellent slab of ‘80s metal.

Fast forward many years later, and 3/5 of Q5 were playing as NIGHTSHADE (who released three full-length albums), and were invited to play the Headbangers Open Air Festival in 2009, where they played two sets, one as NIGHTSHADE and one as Q5, which went over huge with the European fans. In 2014, Q5 played at the Sweden Rock Festival. The overwhelmingly positive reaction breathed new life into the band, which officially reformed shortly thereafter. 2016 finds Q5 landing on one of the biggest labels in the world and restarting their career.

Guitarist Floyd Rose is long gone from Q5; new guitarist Dennis Turner joins longtime member Jeffrey McCormack (drums) and original members Jonathan Scott K. (vocals), Rick Pierce (guitar) and Evan Sheeley (bass) to round out the lineup for 2016’s New World Order. This album, full of memorable, no frills, melodic songs is a welcome return for this band.

Lead track “We Came Here To Rock” sets the tone of the album right from the start, and lets you know that Q5 are back. The lyrics address the current state of the music industry, but also suggest looking past that and just enjoying the music together. “One Night In Hellas” picks up the pace and offers a cool riff and chorus. The band filmed a performance video for “The Right Way”, a catchy tune with some definite swagger. The title track “New World Order” is a classic in the mode of Steel The Light and one of the best tracks on the album. “Tear Up The Night” is a speedier track with a sing-along chorus. Guitarist Dennis Turner contributed an excellent song in “Halfway To Hell”. This is one of the best songs on the album, and an instant classic. “A Prisoner Of Mind” is the longest track on the album at 7:15, and features some cool riffs and chorus. “Unrequited (A Woman Of Darkness And Steel)” is another melodic winner that features a crunching groove and melodic chorus.

It would be hard to pick a favorite track on the album, but if I had to choose, it would be “Just One Kiss”. This is the catchiest song on the album to me, and with its commercial slant, could easily be a single. The harmony guitar on this track makes it stand out. “Fear Is The Killer” is an up-tempo track that allows these musicians to stretch out while “Land Of The Setting Sun” gets back to that groove the band had on Steel The Light. “A Warrior’s Song” segues instrumental “Mach Opus 206”. Check out the extended soloing on this fantastic track. The final song is a bonus track called “Get Next To You” that rocks. Nice groove on this song.

The album has a very heavy sound with Evan Sheeley’s bass taking the spotlight high in the mix. What stands out to me is the passion with which Q5 play. You can really feel that in these songs. I was surprised at how good this album is. With 14 new tracks, New World Order offers over an hour of ‘80s-inspired hard rock mixed with modern AOR Metal. The album cover bears a cool, apocalyptic scene that works well with the loose concept story within the liner notes and lyrics. Fans of ‘80s style metal and melodic hard rock should enjoy this album. Welcome back Q5!

4.5 Out Of 5.0

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