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EVERGREY The Storm Within

By Rob McNees, Vinyl Aficionado
Tuesday, September 6, 2016 @ 1:59 PM

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The Storm Within

AFM Records

The wonderful thing about music is hearing a certain song can trigger a memory of a time or place and kind of help you relive that moment over again in your mind. And certain bands have the amazing knack of crafting songs that can evoke emotions of a deeper level than just the 'that song is badass' thought process. EVERGREY is one such band for me. Not just a regular Metal band for me, EVERGREY make me reflect on my life, both good & bad, when I delve into their music. So it was with great joy that welcomed the coming of their new opus, The Storm Within. I did, however, approach the album with a bit of trepidation as their last album, 2014's Hymns For The Broken was a monumental album and as such a hard act to follow. But Tom Englund and company haven't disappointed me yet, so let's take the journey and see how this stacks up.

"Distance" begins with a lone piano, kind of a continuation of HFTB, before the band kicks in with full force. Tom's voice in fine form as expected, a haunting melody with lyrics about a relationship suffering thru the tribulations of miscommunication but hoping for a glimmer of reconciliation. I hear the words and it brings me to my own sad revelation of the breakup of my marriage earlier in the year. A pummeling riff mid-song ensures that you not forget that EVERGREY are first & foremost still a Metal band, but like the great NEVERMORE (RIP) one with multiple layers.

"Passing Through" has some electronics thanx to keyboardist Rikard Zander and lyrically speaks of the changes in our life from decade to decade, and how what you see and feel now may not be how you see things later in life. While the track starts off a bit poppy, the memorable chorus and twin guitars brings thinks back to a more serious tone, and the dueling solos of Tom and second guitarist Henrik Danhage showcase their abilities to shred as well as craft fine songs. "Someday" begins with a staccato riff and builds to a slow chug as Tom tells us he was once like us facing our demons. A somber interlude mid-song leads to a short albeit tasty solo and a choir of voices adding to the flavor of this track.

The oddly named "Astray" is a mid-tempo rocker with subtle breaks and a subdued PINK FLOYD-ish guitar solo to boot as Tom sings how he used to be stronger. Didn't we all.

"Impossible" is a melancholy song with just Tom and a piano and orchestra. Powerful. His immense vocal talents on display here work seamlessly with the stark contrast of the music.

"My Allied Ocean" brings the band back full force with a crunching riff and pounding double bass by drummer Jonas Ekdahl. A staccato riff mid-song before a blistering lead will ensure heads will bang and air guitar will be played. One of the albums heavier tracks to be sure.

"In Orbit" would make a great single as it not only has a memorable melody line sure to stick in your head but also co-vocals by Floor Jansen of NIGHTWISH. And she has a most heavenly voice too, the 2 of them harmonizing beautifully.

"The Lonely Monarch" is an epic journey with sweeping solos and majestic musicianship yet maintains enough grit to still be Metal, even in the subdued tones mid-song.

"The Paradox Of The Flame" is a somber 'ballad' for the lack of a better word. Tom & Carina, piano & violin, harmonizing together and poignantly singing of 2 people who loved each other but drifted apart, broken it seems. The song emits powerful emotions for me, and makes me reflect on my own life, which indeed saddens me to my very core. The fact that EVERGREY can illicit such emotion from me makes me truly love the music they create, and makes me one of their biggest champions.

But fear not, as "Disconnect" comes barreling back with the band hitting on all cylinders. Yet the haunting chorus lulls one into teasing that EVERGREY has gone completely emo. The pummeling riff that soon kicks in says otherwise however, ensuring again that like an onion, EVERGREY has multiple layers to ingest & discover. The albums longest track at 7 minutes, it ebbs & flows thru various tempo and mood changes. Indeed epic in scope.

The albums title track, "The Storm Within", brings the album to a close and sees the band finish things up in grandiose style with their patented sound intact. Sullen and introspective, it's subdued hue is the perfect ending for the magnitude of the music contained inside it.

TSW will be a grower, unveiling more to the listener each time it's played. Every nuance to discover, every emotion to sift thru, like watching day turn to night. Never be afraid to look deep inside yourself, and come to grips with The Storm Within.

And for the Vinyl aficionado, there is Vinyl with multiple color variations! So wake thee turntable and free your spirit with some EVERGREY!

4.7 out of 5.0 Skulls

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