David Lee Roth Live in Long Island

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Wednesday, June 18, 2003 @ 1:34 PM

Diamond Dave Live at the Westb

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REVIEW BY: sdmfny

Ok, I will make the first part of this review short and sweet. One of my great friends in this world, Dave, over the course of the last year, has given up a lot of his time to help me out. He helped me shop for a new entertainment system, helped me set it up, and when I moved two months ago, was there to help me move all of my shit from one place to the other. He’s a great friend in doing this so I decided to show my appreciation and treat him to an evening to Rock ‘N Roll’s biggest Hams of all time, the one the only, David Lee Roth. Another friend of ours, Tom, joined us on this venture into, what turned out to be, an unbelievable, kick ass, rock & roll show.

The evening started out at Dave’s place, where we drank some beer, ate some pizza, and unfortunately was subject to the TV, where Dave was taping a show of Styx and REO Speedwagon on PPV. Substituting my beer for a glass of hemlock did sound good for a while, especially hearing “I’m gonna keep on lovin you” coming out of the TV. But hey, I digress.

At around 7pm, we showed up at The Westbury Music Fair. The WMF is a venue that normally schedules hard-core nostalgia acts such as Englebert Humperdink, America, Peter Paul and Mary, Creedence Clearwater Revisited… you get the picture. Anyway, we had a few more beers in the parking lot and were taking sights in. Long Island’s finest in white trash were in full force. Then again, I was at a David Lee Roth show, so why I was expecting anything different was beyond me. We go inside and I was expecting to see at least one or two hot women, but to no avail. Instead, I was going to share my Sunday evening with a bunch of overweight, ‘80s metal chick throwbacks, who haven’t washed the hairspray out of their hair in the last 15 years. Totally disgusting. Roth’s after show pickings was going to be very scarce. I walk to my seat, and look around this place. Man, this place was the ultimate venue to see a show. Dave and I disagreed as to how many people it sat. I said around 1500, he says around 3000. I couldn’t picture this place being bigger than the auditorium in my high school. The stage is in the round and rotates. The seats are so close to the stage, that even if you were all the way up top, you were still extremely close the performer. We were about 7 rows back. Very cool.

Ok, the show. Roth was awesome. He really put on a great show and seemed genuinely excited to be out there, playing to a sold out audience. He was the same as always. His on stage antics were as entertaining and as funny as ever. He walked out on stage, let the crowd scream but about two minutes and launched into “Hot For Teacher.” The following songs were: “Mean Street,” “Just Like Paradise,” “Unchained,” “Pretty Woman,” “Running With The Devil,” guitar solo and “You Really Got Me.”

The rest of the set list in no particular order was: “Just A Gigolo,” “California Girls,” “Everybody Wants Some,” “Cradle Will Rock,” “Going Crazy,” “Dead Or Alive,” “Somebody Get Me A Doctor,” “Panama,” “Dance The Night Away,” “Ice Cream Man,” a new song called “She Bop,” which by the way was terrible, closing with “Ain’t Talkin Bout Love,” and the encore was “Jump.” If I missed a song, I apologize.

Roth, as I said before, was great. Granted, he was never that great a singer, but he really but forth a great effort. Between or in the middle of songs, he would fuck with some of the women in the audience, which was usually hysterical. He told one chick to turn around and show him her ass. She obliges and in the typical DLR way, he goes “WOWWW, the only thing that is going to stop that caboose is a train wreck.” In was pretty funny.

He employed a real tight and talented band. On drums was Ray Luzier, who played on The DLR Band album. On lead guitar/Eddie Wannabe was Brian Young, who played an unbelievable solo (not “Eruption”) before “You Really Got Me.” Talented player. On rhythm guitar was some Japanese guy with a Japanese name. He could not have been older than 20. Good player and rounded out the sound nicely. On bass was James Lomenzo, who on his better days was the bass player to Zakk Wylde’s former band, Pride and Glory, and on his not so better days, was the bass players to one of the gayest groups of all time, White Lion.

All in all, the show was great. My highlight was seeing Roth sing “Jump.” I mean, as a 28-year old guy, that song, when I was 10, was my whole existence and seeing it performed was very cool. “She Bop” was pretty terrible and during it I tried to get another beer during that song but the bar was closed. I guess I would consider that to be the show lowlight. Seeing some songs off The DLR Band album would have been great too but Dave knew what the audience wanted (Old VH classics) and delivered amazingly. Great show.

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