Poison Live in Mansfield, MA

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Monday, July 7, 2003 @ 9:34 AM

Poison, Vince Neil and Skid Ro

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REVIEW BY: Debby Rao

Summer is almost upon us. It finally stopped raining here in Boston for a day. It was just in time for the Poison, Vince Neil, Skid Row concert to roll into town. This year Poison has an impressive line-up of veteran rockers . All three American bands rocked the house down.

The theme of the evening was centered upon the Station Nightclub victims. Poison set up a special relief fund for the families of the victims who lost their loved ones in the fire. All three bands made donations at the Tweeter Center tonight. It was refreshing to see the bands giving so much support to this terrible tragedy. Here is my review of the concert.

Skid Row hit the stage at 7 pm sharp with a killer set. The concert started off with the National Anthem playing in the background and then the band exploded in their opening song “Slave to the Grind." The band performed a forty-minute set of blistering rock and roll.

This was the second time seeing the band play with their new line-up featuring Johnny Solinger on vocals and Phil Varone on drums. The band was very tight and played a kick ass show.

The band played all of their hits including “Monkey Business,” “18 and Life” and “Piece of Me.” They also played 2 new songs off their upcoming CD, Thickskin, which will be released on August 5th on Skid Row Records. The new songs were called “New Generation” and “Thick is the Skin.” They were hard and heavy.

I got to interview bassist Rachel Bolan earlier that day. He said the band is happy to be on the Poison tour and they worked really hard on the new album to be released August 5th. He said check out www.skidrow.com for details on upcoming shows.

The highlight of their show was during the acoustic version of “I Remember You.” The lead singer dedicated that song to all of the Station fire victims, including Derek and Jeff, who were long-time fans and passed away in the fire.

Next on the bill was Vince Neil, who also delivered a great night of rock and roll. The band hit the stage around 8 pm and opened with “Shout at the Devil.” Vince played guitar on 2 songs and was in good voice.

The band played all of their hits including “Girls, Girls, Girls,” “Wildside” and “Kickstart My Heart.” Guitarist Brent Fitz and new bassist Alan Vine were smokin’. Fitz played an awesome guitar solo on Wildside.

The band got to play 2 encores: “Teaser” and my favorite song, “Kickstart My Heart.” Vince and the boys put on a great show.

Finally at 9:30 pm Poison hit the stage. They promised a spectacular light and stage show this summer. They were right on the money.

They opened the show with strobe lights, flash pods, opening song was “Look What the Cat Dragged In.” Brett informed us that they were recording the show live tonight. He said it was good to be back in Boston.

C.C. Deville played an awesome guitar solo on “Your Mama Don’t Dance.” He also sang “I Hate Every Bone in Your Body But Mine.”

The highlight of the evening came when Bret Michaels played acoustic guitar on “Something To Believe In.” He also dedicated that song to the Station fire victims.

Rikki Rockett played a great drum solo on “Fallen Angel.” The band also played “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” with a waterfall in the background. They ended the night with “Nothin’ But A Good Time.”

It was great to see the bands showing so much support for the fire victims and their fans. For a few hours the music helped heal the wounds of this terrible tragedy.

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