The Jack Rack, For The Musician Who Has Everything Else! An Exclusive Interview With DAN JACOBS

By Wendy Jasper, Fort Worth Correspondent
Tuesday, December 6, 2016 @ 8:57 AM

"We got the word out on Reddit and the whole thing just went viral"

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Christmas is upon us and for those of us with musicians in the family, it can be a harrowing experience. What do you give the musician who has everything he or she needs to function? They already have so much equipment, recording tools, and other electronic toys. What to do?

Why not give them something that reminds them of the activity they love while helping them stay organized? That’s where the Jack Rack comes in. This nifty, amplifier shaped, wall mounted key chain rack will be fun and functional for everyone in the family or band! Created by Pluginz, the Jack Rack was the brainchild of company owner Mike Stricklin and was soon in production through Kickstarter campaign by ATREYU’s Dan Jacobs and his brother Joe.

“We got the word out on Reddit and the whole thing just went viral,” Dan said. “We just partnered with Marshall Amplification and now we are offering the rack in styles that emulate not only Marshall but other amp companies as well. It’s all about branding and we can make them for your company, your band, it’s the perfect way to get the word out about any product and it’s a great way to NOT lose your keys!”

When Stricklin made his first Pluginz jack styled keychain, the next logical question was what can you do with it? “It was a really cool little keychain, but it wasn’t quite complete, so Mike basically came up with an idea for a rack to insert the jack’s into and that is where the Jack Rack came from. The Kickstarter campaign went really well. It was a concept that became real and he started making them out of his house and selling them individually. It was going well, but it needed more widespread circulation so he brought it to us and we thought we could make it slick looking and get it into the hands of the right people and it has just blown up from there!” Dan said.

The Jacobs brothers own Rockworld Merchandise and were the perfect partners to get mass market distribution for the Jack Rack and to help make the right music industry contacts for the product. Not only can it be ordered in the basic amplifier style, but it has appealed to many bands as well regarding a merchandising option.

“The post on Reddit that went viral basically said ‘How to hang our keys like a rock star’ and it had so many comments and posts from people who wanted to know where and how to get one. There were people from all over the world that wanted one. We have international sales and we have also worked with various bands like WARRANT, OF MICE AND MEN, ASKING ALEXANDRIA and of course, my band, ATREYU,” Dan said.

The Jack Rack is a hot ticket item for the holidays as the company grows and more people take note, any house with a musician will certainly need a Jack Rack. What better way to plug in your keys for your equipment van, personal vehicle or even to hang your cords as it is a standard sized jack input. Hang it in your hallway, band room or bedroom; no matter what it’s a conversation piece and looks pretty cool too!

To order yours, you can access the company website at www.thejackrack.com. I have mine, do you??

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