Maiden/Motorhead/Dio Live in NYC

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Monday, August 4, 2003 @ 10:27 AM

Iron Maiden, Dio and Motorhead

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REVIEW BY: Jonathan DeSanctis -- East Islip, NY

Tonight I was privileged to witness a heavy metal classic... Iron Maiden/Dio/Motorhead. I've been a fan of all three bands for the last 20 or so years. For those who don't know the Jones Beach Amphitheater, is literally it's right on the beach. There is water on both sides of the stage in the Orchestra Section. There was a nice breeze and a perfect summer night.

Motorhead came on right at 7 PM. Lemmy walked out to center stage, flanked on his right by Phil Campbell on guitar and Mikkey Dee on drums. The stage consisted of a wall of amps, Lemmy's microphone and a backdrop of the new CD cover. They opened with "We Are Motorhead" off of their last CD, We are Motorhead -- perfect opener. The rest of the set was "No Class" from Overkill and "The Chase is Better Than the Catch" from Ace of Spades, "Sacrifice," "Metropolis," the hardly ever played "Doctor Rock" from Orgasmatron. There were two hardcore Motorheadbangers sitting in front of me and they lost it when they played that one. Also included was a cool tribute to the Ramones... “R.A.M.O.N.E.S.” from the 1918 CD. They ended their set with "Overkill." My only complaint was that the set was too short. Lemmy was right on and sounded great as he led the classic three-piece lineup.

After a short break, Ronnie James Dio came out about 8 PM. I've seen Dio a few times and he's always good -- his voice hasn't changed since I've been watching him. I've been going to Dio shows since 1986 and Ronnie sounds just as good today. Being a native New York (Dio is from Staten Island) always gives his shows a special flavor. Dio's band consisted of Jimmy Bain on bass, Simon Wright on drums, Craig Goldy on guitar and Scott Warren on keyboards. The setlist had both old and new in it. The opener "Killing The Dragon" was new to most in the crowd. I personally like the song, but most people just wanted to hear the classics. He also played "Rock ‘n Roll" from the new CD. Rest of the setlist: "Stand Up and Shout," "Holy Diver," "Rainbow in The Dark," "The Last in Line." The rare nuggets” "I Speed At Night" and "Dream Evil" were also brought back into the set. My only complaint was that Simon Wright had a drum solo after only the second song. That's just wrong. I'm not big on drum solos; I'd rather hear 2 more songs than a solo. Dio ended his set with the Black Sabbath tune "Heaven And Hell" -- the crowd sung along very loudly on this one. Overall a solid set by Dio. But I would've preferred Motorhead in the second slot.

Next was the legendary Iron Maiden. My last Iron Maiden show was the ‘No Prayer For the Dying’ tour in 1991. The stage was a two-level stage with a riser going over and behind the drums. There are also ramps that go out over the crowd a bit on the sides. All around the beams of the stage there were all classic pictures of Eddie. Then over the back of the stage there were larger Eddie pics that went with the theme of each song.

This was my first time experiencing the three-guitar lineup and it was nice, loud and clean. Jannick Gers was constant motion on his strat. He was constantly flipping his guitar around and behind his back. Adrian Smith is Mister Cool Customer, barely moving as he ripped off solo after solo and the veteran Dave Murray having the best rips of the evening. It's amazing how good all of those guys sound together. Nicko McBrain and Steve Harris were a solid rhythm section for the screaming lungs of Bruce Dickinson. Bruce was right on all night. His screams were on all night and he was running around constantly. The setlist was all the classics and one new tune. In no particular order: “Number of the Beast,” “Revelations,” “Two Minutes to Midnight,” “The Clansman,” “Run to The Hills,” “Die With Your Boots On,” “Iron Maiden,” “The Evil That Men Do,” “The Clairvoyant,” “Wildest Dreams” (new song From Dance Of Death... the new CD), “Fear of The Dark,” “Wicker Man” and “Hallowed be Thy Name.” Eddie made his appearance during “The Clairvoyant” dressed in his garb from the Edward the Great cover. There also is another Eddie appearance, but I'll let you see it for yourself. The band was incredible and sounded tight all night. The new number has a great hook and sounded even better live -- can't wait for the new record.

Overall, if this comes to your town... Don't miss it. This was one of the best metal shows of the year.

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