Whitesnake, Et Al Live in Los Angeles

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Monday, August 4, 2003 @ 10:35 AM

Whitesnake, Warrant, Kip Winge

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REVIEW BY: Todd in North Hollywood, Ca (A.K.A.- LoveBuzz)

This show was a kick ass collection of old-school "hair bands.” Here’s a brief synopsis of the show:

First off, I love seeing shows at Universal Amphitheatre because its such a relaxed place to see shows. The view is awesome no matter what seat you get and it’s relatively easy to get pit seats (even though I was in the loge this time). Its always nice and cool inside which makes it a great concert experience. If you've never been there, I recommend you go.

Slaughter hit the stage around 7:15p.m. and they started the set with "The Wild Life" and did songs such as "Burning Bridges,” "Spend My Life" and did a awesome version of "Fly to the Angels," which was dedicated to the U.S Troops that didn’t come back after the war. Half way thru the show, the drummer did a kick ass drum solo, I don’t know who he was, but I actually wished they brought Blas on tour with them because I always though he was a awesome drummer. I don’t know what happened to him -- I though he was still in the band. Mark Slaughter jumped in the pit and walked around the aisles while singing "Mad about You.” They finished the set with "Up All Night.” They were really good live and have seen them once or twice and always put on a good show.

After Slaughter got off the stage about 10 minutes later, Kip Winger got on stage and I have never been much of a Kip Winger / Winger fan, but he did a set with just him and an acoustic guitar. I was surprised because he sounded really, really good. I never really knew he was such a good guitar player and singer -- you'd have to be good to do the whole set by yourself and the crowd was really into him. He did some solo stuff and the big Winger hits like "Heading for a Heartbreak,” " Madalaine" and ended his set with a acoustic version of "Seventeen" which, believe it or not, was amazing.

After Kip Winger finished his set, we waited around 10 minutes and then Warrant took the stage with the tune of "Lowrider" playing thru the system. They exploded on stage playing "Down Boys.” Warrant also had a few new members in the band and believe it or not, Jani Lane looked a little better then he has in the past. He usually looks like Vince Neil's overweight brother when I’ve seen Warrant in the past, but he slimmed down. Warrant (along with Cinderella) have always been one of my favorite ‘80s glam bands to see live, they always deliver a good show with energy and they always sound good live. Jani did his traditional "tongue between his fingers" and "sticking the microphone between his legs" stuff, but he didn’t do something he always does, the ol’ "I need to bum a cigarette from someone in the pit" routine. I was disappointed because I laugh my ass off when he does. Jani also got off the stage and walked around the pit while singing. They did classics from their first three albums like "32 Pennies,” "Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich,” "Hole in my Wall,” "Bed of Roses,” "Uncle Tom's Cabin,” "Bonfire" and did their melody of ballads like "Heaven" and "I Saw Red.” They finished their set with "The song that wouldn’t die” – “Cherry Pie,” while Bobbi Brown came on stage topless dancing around. Alright, that didn’t happen.

After a final 10 minutes, the band Whitesnake took the stage. I have never seen Whitesnake and wasn't a huge fan, but dig some of their tunes. David Coverdale is an amazing vocalist and sounded SO good live even though he’s got to be in his early 80's by now. The band was really tight and played every note to perfection. They played some greats like "The Deeper the Love,” "Is This Love,” "Slide It In,” "Slow and Easy" and of course "Here I Go Again.” The drummer looked like something from the early ‘80s because this guy had the biggest mop hair I have ever seen -- Jesus, that thing could have swallowed the earth -- but he was an amazing drummer. He did a 10-minute drum solo that would have put Tommy Lee and Lars Ulrich to shame. After throwing his sticks out to the crowd, he continued the solo with his bare hands and sounded great. After they left the stage, I headed towards the door because I knew they were gonna play "Still of the Night" for a encore and I didn’t want to be crammed like cattle leaving. So, as I walked up the stairs I heard them come back and begin playing it, so I didn’t stay till the VERY end.

All in all, it was a great show, the bands sounded great, the view was good and the place reeked of "older women trying to look 21 again" but you got to expect that from a show that featured these bands, so obviously there were alot of honeys walking around.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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