Iron Maiden Live In NYC

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Monday, August 11, 2003 @ 9:53 AM

Iron Maiden & Dio, With Motorh

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REVIEW BY: Atrain670

The Maiden show at MSG last night blew the Jones Beach show away, no contest! And the Beach show was great in it's own right. But I have never, ever, in my 18 years of going to concerts, been in a crowd that intense, or loud. That incudes the Metallica in their prime, the Slayers, the Panteras, etc.

Bruce was eating it up. At the point he tried to pull the "Scream for me, NY" thing, all you heard was "Screeork!" It was that fucking loud, and Bruce just shrugged, and smiled, as if he was saying, "Holy shit, what the fuck do I do with this?!" He was as active on stage as an Olympic athlete and his rants were great once again. You gotta love him talking about England being their real home, but MSG being the band's spiritual home in North America!

The set-list was the same as the other night, but Bruce was repeatedly drowned out by what easily sounded like every single person in the Garden singing along, especially on “Number,” “Trooper,” “Die With Your Boots” and “Revelations.” Unbelievable crowd participation that I am having trouble putting into words. Put it this way, the crowd was actually even ballistic for “The Clansman,” one of the lesser-known tunes!

It got even better when a friend, who had floor seats, came up to the upper section where we were because he was intox and couldn't take it anymore, and gave me his ticket. I raced down to the floor, got to about 10th row, center stage, just in time for Iron Maiden, and the two encores, “2 Minutes” and “Run.” I looked up and took in what the Garden looks like from the floor, looked at all the fucking lunatics screaming, and realized I was caught up in a moment in time. Absolutely amazing. I know I have absolutely no voice today.

Dio was also brilliant, and it was great to see the Garden packed in for him as well, instead of people just showing up for the main event. Once again, “Heaven and Hell” made me almost knock over the row of people I was in, as a 300 pound gorilla should NOT be going ballistic in a confined space! RJD also broke out “Stargazer” and “I Speed At Night,” which was pretty fucking sweet! Other tunes were “Rock & Roll,” “Last In Line,” “Rainbow In The Dark,” “Dream Evil” and “Holy Diver,” which segued into “Heaven and Hell”... and my uncontrollable conniption in section 335! I never get tired of hearing the MAN cut loose with those vocals!

Dio played for 50 min., Maiden for an hour and 45 min. My only complaint with the Dio set was the 5-minute drum and 5-minute guitar solos. I understand, that maybe a piss-break or drink may be needed, but for a set under an hour, I would rather see the solos scrapped and a nice helping of “Man On The Silver Mountain” or “Children Of The Sea” or even “Neon Knights.” Ah, can't have it all, I guess. Only other sour part was missing the first train into Manhattan, thereby missing Motorhead, which pissed me off, because their 30 minutes the other night was definitely loud and intense. Otherwise, an incredible night of drinking shitloads and rocking out to two (out of 3) of the greatest of all time! Now I need some aspirin. Hope that legendary Long Beach show matches the intensity of last night, because you Cali-based fans all be in for an experience! Stock up on the throat lozenges! Up The Irons!!

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