Anthrax Live in San Diego

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Monday, August 11, 2003 @ 10:07 AM

Anthrax Live at Canes Bar & Gr

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REVIEW BY: Rob Nelson

I was late arriving at 9pm and thought that I may have trouble getting in. I was at the last show in 2000 that Anthrax played at this venue, Canes in Mission Beach, San Diego and underestimated the new album's impact and turnout.

E Street Concrete was playing when I walked in, and the crowd was really into them. Since it was an 18 and over show you have to leave the concert side to the bar side if you want drinks. I did and witnessed Metal Karaoke at its finest. One dude ripped into “Master of Puppets” and pulled it off and another guy did his best Axl Rose to “Sweet Child of Mine.” The best was a girl singing Dio's “Last in Line.” This, however, is not a review of the Tuesday night Karaoke Metal Jam but rather for Anthrax.

I saw Lamb of God finish up and wished that the lead singer would have sung versus the Death Metal Growl. The band was tight ripping, and maybe it’s just my taste, but I can’t get over the singer growling.

At one point Scott Ian commented on them being skeptical of this venue for their opening night of the tour after coming back to the US from the overwhelming response in Germany and Japan. I had read the review about some earlier US dates being not as into it and wanted the crowd to show up and support Anthrax even on a Tuesday night. He said we kicked ass and called the crowd “San Diego/Germany.” At one point John Bush even made reference to their show in the Maximum Rock tour before they left with Motley and Megadeth and said what were they doing in that line up.

I am a huge John Bush line up fan and would be happy if the stuck to the last 4 albums entirely: White Noise, Stomp 442, Volume 8 and We've Come For You All. In fact, I haven't taken their latest CD out of my player since buying it, except to force myself to sit through Metallica's St. Anger for a week trying to like it. Needless to say Anthrax is back safe and sound in my player.

I remembered the last tour when Paul Crook totally thrashed out and headbanged the whole show, and thought the new guy Rob had a tough act to follow. Well he was up to it and blazed through the set effortlessly. At one point I was stunned watching his mastery of the six strings and the whole time he was staring into the crowd with the cat-that-ate-the-canary look. Scott Ian was his usual Hall of Fame self and the highlight was his kick/jumps during “Fueled.” Drumming is the word that is common to Charlie Benante's profession, however he is in a whole different universe then other 'drummers'. He made other drummers look like that wind up toy with the monkey and the cymbals. He set the bar unreachably high in Rock Drumming. Bass duties were manhandled by Frank Bello, who did a tremendous amount of backing vocals and probably showed the most energy of any band member. Finally, Mr. Bush was in top form and commanded the crowds attention and hit every note.

The set list was a little more tribute to the old school then I would have preferred. I didn't write down any and was drinking beers but here's what I recall:

Open with intro from new CD
What Doesn't Die (awesome drums)
Black Dahlia
Safe Home (Huge crowd favorite/sing along)
Metal Thrashing Mad
Got the Time
I am the Law
Caught in a Mosh
Euphoria (I think they played it)
Black Lodge
N.F.L. (efilnikcufecin)
Inside Out (I missed Crush from the set list)
I may have missed a couple, but I know they closed with Bring The Noise

I would have liked to see a few more off the last 3 CDs and especially the new one. Maybe more of an old school medley. After all, I think the Bush era is just about as long as the early days if not longer now. These guys were in perfect-sounding form and are well worth the price of admission. If they are anywhere near you, you must go see them.

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