Metallica's Summer Sanitarium in D.C.

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Tuesday, August 12, 2003 @ 11:13 AM

Metallica, Limp Bizkit, Linkin

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REVIEW BY: KidDeth82

Without a doubt, I was looking forward to this concert. After all, It was my first "big concert experience." It didn't disappoint. Here is a recap.

A makeup-less Mudvayne came on when the clock struck 3. They did about a half hour set of their material. Unfortunately for them (and the concert goers that were in attendance), it rained for their entire set. However, the rain didn't seem to have any affect on Mudvayne, as they put on a killer set (The rain DID affect some concert goers, as they ran for cover. Not me, however. I stayed in my seat and got drenched. I paid for that, though. I was soaked for the entire concert. Oh well.). They were greeted with a rather apathetic response, though. I attribute this to people not knowing their material. I also attribute this to only 1/6th of the audience being there. People did get more animated when they played their two "hit singles" – “Not Falling” and “Dig.” After seeing their performance, I think I'm going to check out some of their albums. They impressed me THAT much!

I believe theirs was a half hour break (sorry, I didn't bring a notebook and a watch), then the Deftones performed. They got a better response than Mudvayne. Then again, more people had come. Also, more people know their material. I am not a big fan of this band. The material I've heard from this band hasn't impressed me. Their lead singer's most recent comments (in Revolver magazine) doesn't help matters, either. He said that he was going to "rock that motherf*cker out" during this tour. He jumped and flailed around a bit, but I don't call that exactly "rocking the motherf*cker out." I'll give them props for doing their thing. As far as the promise of a "rocking" performance, I'll give them an A for effort and an F for execution. No props for being a pompous jerk, though. Sorry Chino. Waste of a half hour.

Another half hour break came and went. The next act that was scheduled was Linkin Park. I was looking forward to seeing them live. I wanted to see if they could deliver the goods live. I was not disappointed. They did an hour set. The material was evenly split from their three albums. Of course, they did the "hits" – “Somewhere I Belong,” “One Step Closer,” “In the End,” etc. The crowd started to get more animated. The crowd started to sing along with the songs. It was a great atmosphere. I must say, LP did a pretty damn good job.

Another half hour break. The crowd played a little game with the bustier concertgoers called "show us your boobs." Some ladies obliged, while some remained teases and kept their shirts on. It proved to be great entertainment between breaks. Anyway, next up was Limp Bizkit. I wanted to see if they could deliver live as well. That was answered by their hour-long set, and that answer is “Yes.” A majority of their set (like Linkin Park's set) was radio hit after radio hit. They also threw in more tracks off their most recent album and they did a couple of new covers, too (They covered Metallica's “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” and the The Who's “Behind Blue Eyes.”) No new original material, though. Oh well. I don't think it mattered to the crowd. I sure didn't care. It seemed like everyone was enjoying the set of Limp's "greatest hits." At one point during the show, while they played The Who cover, Fred Durst decided to walk around the arena. He walked in this little space between the field and the stands. He spent a fair amount of time in my section. This kind of reminded me of something I heard that Paul Stanley did on the Kiss farewell tour (Paul would be hooked on wires and lifted to a platform in the middle of the crowd during "Love Gun.") He was bringin' it to the fans. I thought that was cool. The crowd started to get even more animated. People were singing and jumping around. You could just feel the energy level go up during their set. Limp even brought some pyro to their performance. Yes, Limp Bizkit do have their problems. The musicians in the band are not technically gifted. My buddy's two-year-old kid could probably write better songs than these guys. Fred Durst seems to love making an ass of himself whenever possible. Those are just a couple of their problems. However, for all their problems, they are a kick ass live band. Great set up for Metallica.

A slightly longer break came and went. Then, finally, the moment we had been waiting for. It was time for Metallica to perform. Metallica's performance blew all the other bands away. They did a 90-minute set. The set went through their impressive back catalog. They did a couple songs from almost every album. They didn't play any songs off the Load album, however. Then again, I don't think any of the songs off that album would have fit with their "heavier sounding" set list (“Seek and Destroy,” “Creeping Death,” “Battery,” etc.). They played the "hits” (“One,” “Enter Sandman,” “Sad But True,” “Fuel,” etc.) Metallica slowed it down a little with “Nothing Else Matters” (I sh*t you not, I believe that song got the greatest fan response! Believe it or not.) They even played some songs off their most recent release, St. Anger (The title track and “Frantic.”) Both tracks sounded great live. Those songs sounded 100% better than their studio versions. The crowd was really into it. I think James could have stopped singing and let the audience fill in. The audience was THAT loud when they were singing! It was not only a spectacle for the ears, it was a spectacle for the eyes, as well. The pyro and fireworks were amazing!

It was just a great show all around (except for a disappointing performance by the Deftones). It seemed like each performance was better than the last. Metallica, of course, blew everyone away! I really enjoyed myself. I gave a mini report of this show on one of the rant boards. One of the ranters told me to get more concert experience under my belt. You know what, he or she is right (Atrain sounds like a guy's name, but names can be deceiving.) ‘Til I see a show that is better, this is #1 to me.

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