Roughhouse Live in Hockessin, DE

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Saturday, August 23, 2003 @ 11:55 PM

Roughhouse (or Teeze!) Live at

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REVIEW BY: Bay Breez

“Love or Lust, Roughhouse or Teeze, It`s all one big party…”

Roughhouse, Teeze, whichever you want to call them -- they’ll accept either -- but all that matters is they are back. They’ve been back for a year now ever since they got back together for a special benefit show last summer. A show that show, fellow Philly alumni and former CBS records artist Heaven’s Edge also get back together for this special event.

Since then they felt the magic and the fun of being back and playing the songs that they created and rocked the Tri-state area with a decade earlier. This was their 1st show back in the state of Delaware in over 10 years and it was time for Delaware to Party Hardy all over again.

The band being the nonstop party on stage, playing songs from their two releases, one as Teeze, one as Roughhouse, opening up the show with “Hellraiser,” “Love of Lust” and “Looking for Action” -- the party had started. This was my first time seeing the band since original member and lead guitarist cut off his long blond locks. I have been going to see these guys since 1985 and it was a little weird to watch Greg without his hair flying about, but it didn’t stop his enthusiasm at all on stage, and also seeing the Pink Mockingbird he has played for about 20 years, I think makes him feel more complete then the hair anyway.

The next couple songs were a bit rare, with the band playing "Crank it Up" from their 1st album, which I haven’t heard them play too many times. Lately the band has added some covers to their set, and this was their 1st cover song of the night and it was the Cult hit “Fire Woman.” That is one song I never would have expected them to do.

They then played a song, which I will always say, should have been a hit for them, “Can’t Find Love.” Just a great song all around, just makes me wonder why.

They then went back to the 1st album, for “When the Moon is Full” into “Racin’” and then the song which is probably my favorite power ballad of all time, “Somewhere Someway.”

Another new cover song for the band, the CCR classic, “Up Around the Bend,” which is just a rocking party song, when done right, and trust me it was.

Bassist Dave Weakley took over the vocals on the next couple songs, with the long time crowd favorite, “Ugly Bitch,” and a song that I actually heard Weakley’s other band, American Sugar Bitch play this song, “Work Sucks,” which is truly great rock ‘n’ roll anthem for the whole working world. I’ m glad Dave decided to share this song with Roughhouse, too.

Lead singer Luis Rivera came back on to lead the band, into a song that appeared on their Roughhouse album, Don’t Go Away. Luis has fronted the band since day 1, and helped lead the band to become the east coast answer to Motley Crue back in the day. This guy, as well as the rest of the band, deserves credit and respect from not only fans, but also the music biz for doing what they did by releasing their own album, and it selling as well as it did. Hell, it sold better then most of the hard rock bands releasing new CD’s today.

The band next did a quick tribute to AC/DC by playing “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” and “Shot Down in Flames” and into their own song, “Teeze Me Pleeze Me,” which saw Luis release giant bags of balloons onto the stage, which covered the stage and crowd, and lead into a balloon-popping frenzy. Even drummer Mike Natalini trying to pop balloons with his sticks, or more or less beating them away from him.

As the party winds down, it’s time for the boys to play their one and only song they made a video for -- “Tonight” -- off the Roughhouse album, and then the all time party song itself, “Party Hardy,” which ends with guitarist Greg Malack smashing a guitar in a midst of balloons and mayhem as some fan were on stage helping sing backing vocals.

Well, what else can be said, but another great night of rock ‘n’ roll music by the maniacs of rock… Teeze… or ummm… Roughhouse. Either way, they kicked ass.

For more info on the band go to http://www.roughhouse-teeze.com.

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