Anthrax & Lamb of God Live in Sauget, IL

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Sunday, August 24, 2003 @ 0:09 AM

Anthrax, Lamb of God and E Tow

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REVIEW BY: Kyle Austin

This was an incredible show. Awesome crowd, good alcohol at fair prices, and everything else you could want (HOT CHICKS!) The bands that played were: Cast The Stone, E Town Concrete, Lamb of God, and of course, Anthrax.

Cast The Stone… not sure where these guys are from. A local St. Louis band maybe? I hope so, ‘cause the sure didn't seem like the touring type. A 3-piece death metal band. They were okay, lacked stage presence and any real sense of identity on stage. The bass player used way too much distortion/fuzz that it killed almost all the low-end (I know, I'm a bassist!). He might as well have been playing guitar. Show was a 2 / 5.

E Town… I had never heard these guys before. I thought they were a death metal band. The singer growled and howled on stage. I got home and downloaded some of their tunes and the dude apparently raps in the studio. Weird. They sound like a totally different band live. The singer lost points for insulting the crowd for not "pitting." Sorry dude, they should be doing that on their own if you are so great. Bringing it to insults is lame. Show was a 2.5 / 5.

Lamb of God was up next. I HAD their CD. I didn't particularly care for it and I sold it to a friend. I wish I hadn't done that. By the time they hit the stage, me and a friend decided to hit the pit. I haven't been in a mosh pit since Hatebreed @ Ozzfest 2002. GOD DID IT FEEL GOOD! Some of their songs really struck a chord with me. “11th Hour” was awesome live. Some of their tunes eventually seemed to run together though. They were still a very fun band, though. Outstanding energy. These guys, Shadows Fall, Killswitch Engage… they are the new faces of metal. After they were done their very sweaty lead singer signed autographs for us and said he saw us in the pit. New found respect for these lads. Show was a 4 / 5.

I was so pumped after these guys I offered to buy the rest of my friends a shot of Jaegermeister. They were $2.50 apiece. Bartender says "10 bucks!" I give a 20 and get a 20 back. Now that is what I call a deal!

Anthrax hit the stage next, and that is part of the beauty of Pop’s. No more than 10 or 15 minutes between bands. None of this half-hour to hour of bullshit. They played the intro to their new album over the PA. It’s such an awesome intro. It sent a chill up my spine. Anthrax hit the stage playing "What Doesn't Die" the lead off track on the new CD. Other personal favorites came as well: “Safe Home,” “Only,” “Inside Out,” “Madhouse,” “Antisocial,” “Fueled” and... “BRING THE NOIZE” (the only rap/rock collaboration that means a damn!). There were a couple older tunes from the Joey Belladonna-era Anthrax I didn't recognize, because I've only really like the band since John Bush started singing. Sorry, I don't have a complete set-list. It was solid nonetheless with no low points -- that is for sure. The only complaint was the live vocal mix. The guitars were too loud and the vocals kept dipping below the guitar level at times. When I saw Ministry at Pop's the sound was perfect! And Ministry has more things going on stage than Slipknot does at one of their shows. Anthrax maybe should have soundchecked better. I know Pop's PA can handle a serious sonic beating. But overall that didn’t really take away from anything. Show was a 4.5 / 5.

As Anthrax came off stage they walked right by us, giving us, and numerous other fans high-fives, the horns, etc. Rob Caggiano, lead guitar, stopped to sign autographs and he even asked about my band! He even asked for a CD! WE DIDN'T HAVE ONE ON US! He was super cool, though. None that rock-star bullshit that consumes so many of them.

I've been to dozens of concerts. Most are held at Pop's. This was the second best show I've ever been to. The first was Metallica amd Death Angel over in San Francisco in May of this year. The third best concert was Ministry. That gives you an idea of where this show falls into line. This beat Ministry because Ministry had lame opening bands. Anthrax with the combination of Lamb of God was a force that not even God himself could stop.

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