American Sugar Bitch Live in Philly

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Thursday, September 18, 2003 @ 6:32 PM

American Sugar Bitch Live at t

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REVIEW BY: Bay Breez

American Sugar Bitch just a bunch of FREAKS !!!!

The band, which is really starting to create a buzz on the Philly scene, is ASB. With their music style taking a li’l bit of this and a li’l bit of that, with some hard rock, punk rock, glam rock, and at times, a bit of pop rock thrown into that blender to make Sugar Bitch complete.

ASB is the vision of it’s founder Dave Weakley, who some might know as the bass player from Roughhouse, who were part of the eighties east coast metal scene. Well, even though Roughhouse is back, times are different now, where many people do 2, 3 or even 4 bands at once. Dave is doing both and is doing it well.

Dave is the vocalist and guitarist of ASB, with Tommy Krash on lead, Matt Nardo on Bass, and Nuzzi on Drums.

The band did a short set tonight, straight and to the point -- opening up the show with “Freak.” Now, I’m not too sure about all the songs, so I’ll probably make a mistake or two, as I didn’t write down the set list, and the band changed up their set list, so I’m trying to go off memory. “Strangefruit” and “Go” and “Greenthumb” I’m pretty sure were next up. One thing I noticed the band added to their set is a few choreographed moves, ala old Kiss and Judas Priest, which was cool, as trust me, this wasn’t the only thing they added to the show, more on that in a li’l bit.

A couple other songs they played were “Run” and “Everything,” which the more I hear this song, really makes me think this song if given the chance, could be a hit. One of those songs you could picture yourself cranking up, cruising in your car singing along with. Let me add, a song you would hear on the radio, not just from your own CD.

Lastly, this is where things got a li’l strange and freaky. You can tell the main reason of this band is to have a good time and just play their music, and maybe even shock a few people. Well, bass player Matt talked with the crowd to let them know Dave was getting himself ready for the next song. They went into the song “I Hate You” and Dave turned around to reveal, he had put on an S & M mouth gag, strapped around his head. You can hear some of the people in crowd didn’t know how to take this, as Dave sang the song while gagged. After the 1st verse, the crowd seemed to be into it, and started to sing along with the chorus to help out the gagged vocalist.

Finally the band did their anthem, and a song which I’m hoping will be on ASB’s new CD that they are working on: “Work Sucks.” Words can’t describe this song, as it is just in-your-face rock ‘n roll, with let us say, a very strong and true message.

Well, if I messed up any songs, or forgot any, just want to apologize to everyone, as I had just planned to grab the set list after the show, but since they had to cut short their set list, they changed it all up. But if you need any more info on the band, or to order their 1st CD, and see where one of the next shows is check out their website.

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