Primadonnaz and Peppermint Creeps Live in Philly

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Wednesday, September 24, 2003 @ 11:42 AM

Primadonnaz & Peppermint Creep

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REVIEW BY: Bay Breez

Primadonnaz -- “Glitter Rock City”

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Philly’s answers to what rock ‘n roll is about were back in action tonight, minus one of their main ingredients. The makeup, the glitter, the loud guitar, the cat screeching vocals, the pounding drums, with the bass grooving along with it were still there. Instantly though you notice, gone are the girls, one of the distinguishing factors of the Primadonnaz. Not many bands had the balls to, first off, be all out glam like them, but to also have the backup singers was maybe not original (Motley Crue, late-eighties) but hell, for this day in age, it was original and ballsy. Ok, so the girls are gone, but the boyz still proved that they can play rock out and still wear as much makeup as any one in Philly, opening with “Models and Movie stars” and into “She Don’t Fall.” The boyz proved instantly for anyone who had doubts that they are still intact and ready to rock ‘n roll.

“Teenage Lover” and “Superstars,” which is off their newly-released CD were next up, which guitarist Danny Parsels was just jumping and roaming all about the stage, as Mikey the man with the master glam plan lead the boys and crowd into a new song “Glitter City.”

It was a short set tonight, due to the fact there was 5 bands on a Wednesday night, which is a rarity, but the Primadonnaz packed a punch and ended the show with “Black ‘n Blue” and “King of the Drag Queens,” which always gets the crowd on their feet and rocking with its catchy chorus. “Black ‘n Blue” you can consider to be their single off their CD, since they have made a video which you can see on their new specially-enhanced CD.

So a quick set, in which the Primadonnaz proved they still can rock with the best, and wear as much lipstick as anyone, too.

One quick note also for all the fans of the Primadonnaz’s spotted in crowd to show their support and no hard feelings were the two former lovely lady back up singers JJ Wilder and M, which was a class act on their part. Check out their website for more info and to get their new CD.

Peppermint Creeps -- “The Creeps Come out at Night”

Okay glam fans, the Kings of Ultra Glam invaded Philly finally. In all of their fluorescent pink hair glory and the city will be glowing for the next few weeks guaranteed.

I only wish I was a fly inside many of the cars and cabs passing by Philly’s new rock ‘n roll hotspot Whiskey Dix. As there were more guys with makeup and hairspray on than the girls. It looked like a scene out of the classic eighties movie The Metal Years.

For those of you not too familiar with the Peppermint Creeps, they are from Hollywood, CA -- like that’s a surprise -- and they take glam to heights you couldn’t imagine, and I don’t mean their hair, either.

This was my 1st time seeing the ‘Creeps as well as hearing them. The one thing that instantly impressed me was they actually had a stage set up, with backdrops and little mushrooms, and all types and fluorescent and space age stage props. Something you don’t see anymore. The band, with their futuristic intro tape which kind of reminds you of “In the Beginning” from the Crue, which the song launched into their opener “Creepshow” into “Cokewhore” and “My Own Fan.” Although the band takes its image and from Kiss, it’s music style reminds me of The Ramones.

“Lisa Shot her Family” and “Famous” was up next. Some of their song titles are a little tongue-in-cheek, along with the lyrics to go along with the songs, like the next song “Murdered Maryann” and of course, everyman’s favorite “Lesbian,” which appears on both of their CDs -- their 5-song EP Creepshow, which was produced by the late Randy Castillo and Phil Soussan and their full-length CD, AnimetronX.

They played another Futuristic tape, like the intro called “Nightmare” and starting winding down the show, with “1-900,” “Stupid” and “Fuck Off and Die,” which was my personal fave.

Well, after a quick set of under 40 minutes, the Peppermint Creeps came into Philly, with their Sky High Pink Hair, space-age kabuki makeup, glowing stage show, and showed Philly on this night, along with the Primadonnaz, that Glam is still alive and well and that the packed crowd wants more.

For more info on the band and to pick up merchandise, check out their website.

(Photos by Bay Breez)

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