Sex Pistols Live in San Francisco

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Tuesday, September 30, 2003 @ 3:48 PM

Sex Pistols Live in San Franci

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REVIEW BY: Fidel Ramirez

I thought I would let KNAC listeners/readers in on how unbelievably awesome the Sex Pistols show at the Warfield was.

Now I'm just gonna forget about the openers Reverend Horton Heat and The Dropkick Murphys. Punk ain’t my bag, except the Reverend was a pleasant surprise.

The Pistols took the stage about 10-15 minutes after DKM left the stage. Johnny Rotten was on stage for about 5 seconds before some asshole thought it would be cool to spit at him. He stopped and reamed the guy for a few minutes and the audience was there with him. John looked great, and had an energy not seen since punk was a movement and not fashion chic.

I was on the floor with only 2 girls in front of me, so I was as close as it was gonna get. As soon as the opening chords to “Bodies” started, the audience went nuts. Never have I been to a show with such energy.

After “Bodies,” they went into “New York” which still had us rocking our asses off. But it was when they kicked into “No Feelings” is when all hell broke loose. I started getting pulled into the pit (I had never been into a pit, because I had never liked a band enough to warrant going into one, let alone having floor tickets) and loved it. But the time “No Feelings” had started, both my friend’s and my hands were pruned from sweat from the sheer intensity of being within spitting distance from the Man (Rotten) for the entire show. He mostly stayed center and to the left, which is where we were. :)

A little bit later on of the girls in front of me (this really sexy 30-something old chick) got pulled into the pits, and moments later she was getting crowd surfed to medics. She had passed out from the extreme heat and being constantly smashed. I felt sorry for her, but at the same time, I don't think girls have any business that close to the stage, unless it’s a "New Kids on the Block" or "Blink 182" show. It’s just too dangerous.

They played every song off of Bollocks, and two surprises. Now, they didn't play "Satelite" (Suburban Kids) or "I Did You No Wrong," but they played The Stooges "No Fun." Rotten teased the audience before this one since not everybody knew it. But this song had special meaning. It was the song in which the band had practically broken up during their infamous show at Winterland back in ‘78. Rotten was making eye contact with us in the front row, pointing at us, snarling and doing his crazy dances like only Johnny Rotten knows how to pull off without coming across as a joke. "No Fun" was a real treat, but what came later was just shocking.

Rotten went on to tell people that they may not know the next song (and many didn't) and the kicked into an updated version of the NEVER RECORDED IN A STUDIO "Belsen Was a Gas" now titled "Baghdad Was a Gas." I loved that not everybody knew this song, it gave people like me to go completely fucking nuts. I never thought in million years that I would see the Sex Pistols live, let alone get to see them play "Belsen.” They later did a short jam of The Doors "Hello I love You" to the outro of “Submission” which was really cool and had the audience loving it.

The true highpoint of the show is what happened after they played "Anarchy in the UK". Throughout the show Rotten was making eye contact with me and my friend and was very personal with the audience. That gave me such a high. But in between "Anarchy" and "Problems," some asshole threw something at Rotten. Rotten stopped and pointed at me!!!!!! And started calling me a “hippie asshole” and shit like that. For a second I thought maybe he though I threw it. I pointed at myself (I was scared shitless) and Rotten looked at me and shook his head "No" and then he pointed at the guy in front of me and told the audience to bring the wanker up front. We all grabbed his sorry drunk ass and crowd surfed him to the bouncers in the front. He then dedicated their last song of the night to him, "Problems," and they then left. It was pretty funny since my friend thought it was me who got thrown out of the show, since we had gotten separated during the audience fury of "Anarchy."

All in all, it was the best concert I have ever been to and I've seen some great bands such as Kiss, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Dio.

Songs played almost in order:

New York
No Feelings
Holidays in the Sun
No Fun
God Save The Queen
Belsen (Baghdad) Was a Gas
Submission+short jam
Pretty Vacant

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