Type O Negative Live in Atlanta

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Tuesday, September 30, 2003 @ 4:00 PM

Type O Negative Live in Atlant

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REVIEW BY: The Queen of Southern Vinnland~ Jenna (QoV-PyrettaBlayz)

Type O Negative Review9/11 The Masquerade I went to see Type O Negative a week ago in Atlanta, GA I had a really great time, and I wanted to post a review here of the show! Please let me know what you think. This is just my recollection of the trip.

I rolled into Atlanta at 2:30, and promptly got lost. I called my mother on the cell and told her I needed directions. So, she gets on the computer and proceeds to get me even more lost... and not just once... but twice. The last time... I ended up on the right street... wrong area... I was looking at an elementary school. I told my mother... I don't think they are playing there. So, she FINALLY figures out WHERE I was supposed to be and gives me the right directions. Then, mom says, "You should be there. Look around what do you see?" I looked out the window and said... "I see Josh." She said, "Who is Josh?" I had to laugh and said, "He's the keyboardist, mom... I am here." So... that was that... shortly there after a few other people from the MB arrived and we went to dinner.

When we came back, there were many more people there. A small group of us from the MB street-team got to hang out with Johnny (drummer) and Kenny (guitarist). I got pics with both of them. I will send them as soon as I have them back. Kenny had told us that Peter wasn't feeling too well, and had been lying down on the couch upstairs for a while.

We went into the club shortly there after. We had an excellent place up by the stage where we were standing.... but it started getting so hot there that I couldn't stand it... I started getting sick at my stomach. So, I had to get away from there... I went to the back, and one of the guys we were with bought me a water. I found a bar stool and sat for a while... started feeling better... I got up and went back up to the front to check out the opening band, Lacuna Coil, who came on hour after we all got into the club.

LC was pretty awesome!! I am definitely going to check them out... they are from Italy. After they left the stage... Type O came on about 30-45 minutes or so later. I was in the bathroom... trying not to get sick. It was SOOO DAMN HOT we were sweating as much as the bands if not more. I came out of the bathroom, and where I was standing to the right of the stage, Peter was the only one I could see! I was so thrilled... he looked my way a couple of times, but only looked right at me once. After the first 3 songs, I started getting sick at my stomach again and I went back to the bathroom, where I stayed for about 15 or so minutes. When I came back out, I couldn't stand where I had been, so I just walked back to the back again. Another of the guys I was with bought me a water. They were some sweet guys! I watched the rest of the concert from the back of the club. It was much cooler back there, not to mention you could actually hear the band... up in the front it was so distorted you could hardly make out what they were saying.

When TON took the stage, the crowd was chanting "YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!" (it's a Type O thing) and Peter came on and said, "Shut the fuck up!" And they launched into their opening song, "Unsuccessfully Coping with the Natural Beauty of Infidelity," or "FUCKING" for short (as the lyrics of the song say, "I know you're fucking someone else.") After the song, Peter took his towel and wiped his face, dabbed under his arms, and then wiped his ass.... smelled the towel and acted as if it was repulsive to the senses, and tossed it into the audience.

For the next song, "Wolfmoon." He was telling us what the song is about... for those that don't already know... HAHA! Peter said, "It's about this guy... not too bright, his eyebrows meet in the middle... well anyway, whenever he goes down on a woman on her period... he turns into werewolf! Now, I like goin' down on a woman when she's bleeding, ‘cause… what's roast beef without the gravy!? Yeah, you call me a pussy! They say you are what you eat!"

At the end of the set, Peter took off his bass and said, "I've had enough" and walked off the stage. The crowd again starts chanting, "YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!" (again... it's a Type O thing!) After a minute or two, Peter came back out and said, "So we suck, do we?" The crowd went wild!! Peter continued, "Well, we didn't pay to come in here and see us. You did, so who's the real sucker here?" Again... the crowd went wild as the band took the stage again for a two-song encore.... "I Don't Want To Be Me" from their new album, Life is Killing Me and "Black No.1" from the Bloody Kisses album.

After the encore, the rest of the band left the stage, and Peter took off his bass again. He stood there at the mic with his hands crossed in front of him, and Johnny came back out to toss out some sticks. Peter looked at him and said, "Is that all you've got? Are you done?" HAHA! Then, as Johnny left the stage, Peter turned back to the audience and said, "You know... Type O Negative has been around for 14 years..." to which the crowd roared as Peter continued... "We didn't come here tonight so you could see us, we came here tonight so that we could see you. ‘Cause without you, we wouldn't be where we are... we would be nothing. So... thank you!" And with that, he left the stage.

Anywho... after the show... we made for the tour bus to try and catch Peter for an autograph. But, he didn't show and didn't show and didn't show... Kenny and Johnny were back outside hanging out with everyone again. I got them both to sign the t-shirt that I bought. And Kenny stole my fuckin' sharpie HAHAHAHA!! So, I only got Johnny and Kenny to sign my shirt. Will catch Josh and Peter on the next go 'round.

We waited for 3 hours for Peter. Johnny told us that they were taking women back one at a time to see Peter, so it would be a while before he surfaced. I was thinking, “Figures.” While out by the bus, there were several people that came up to me and were asking me things like I was the one to be asking. I must carry this air about me that tells other people I am in the inner circle and know something that everyone else doesn't or something. ‘Cause people do this to me all the time… not just with TON, but with other things as well.

Anywho... my friend was getting pissed off ‘cause she got hurt and passed out while they were on stage, and she wanted to get outta there, but wanted Peter's signature to complete the black and green SKULL (they bought at Wal-mart) signing. They had gotten Kenny, Johnny, and Josh to sign already. I laughed and said... "I ought to go up there and flash my boobs and say, “Let me the fuck in!” HAHAHA! My friend said... "After you, McDuff!"

So, we went back upstairs and waited in the backstage area for another hour (for a total of 3.) Kenny came back out and was signing more autographs and taking more pictures... that was when he took off with my sharpie. He went to the back with it and didn't bring it back out -- HAHAHA! He looked at us and said, "I'll be back" and I said, "That's funny... I always thought you were Kenny?" But he didn't hear me. I laughed and said, "Ok... now I am just being a smartass!" My friend was laughing at me and said, "Yeah you are!"

Right after Kenny went to the back... Johnny came in from outside and went to the back, coming out again a few minutes later with his bag and his scrubs in hand. He yelled, "EWWW!!! EWWW!! Coming through!" as he held them out in front of him making his way toward the crowd. He stopped and smelled them, and said "EWW!! Watch out! Coming through!" That had to be the funniest moment of all during the entire time I was there.

Kenny came back out to us a few minutes after that, and said... "There's a party downstairs, come on." I looked at my watch, and frowned. It was 2:30 am and I had a 4-hour drive ahead of me... so I decided that it would be best if I just went home.

But, the next time... I am stayin' my ass in Atlanta for the night, and not missing that party!!

Well... that's about it for the review of the Type O Negative Concert in Atlanta, GA on 9/11. I had the time of the life, though I spent at least half the set in the bathroom HAHA! They guys performance was GREAT!! I loved the show! Kenny and Johnny are sweethearts!! Surprised me very much when I asked, "Can I trouble you for a picture?" And they both quickly grabbed me and said, "Yeah, sure!" That will be one memory that sticks with me for the rest of my life!

For the guys in Type O Negative... Thank you for being all that expected and then some!

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