Aerosmith Live in Boston

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Monday, October 13, 2003 @ 10:56 PM

Aerosmith, Co-Headlining With

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Sell outs??? At times... Over the hill??? To some... Time to give it up??? Not likely.

Like them or not, Aerosmith earned the title as one of, if not the greatest, American rock n' roll bands ever. Those are the same 5 guys that started the band 33 years ago in 1970 and they are still out their kicking ass. That is a long fucking time and I am not so sure that has ever happened or that you will ever see it happen again.

There have been some embarrassing times for Aerosmith fans in recent years, like watching them sing along side N*Sync during the Superbowl halftime show, having to hear them cover that piece of shit song "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" by whoever it was that sang it first. Oh yeah, there was their wholeJust Push Play album too… that was pretty horrific. Regardless, they are still capable of putting out some good music from time to time, which is something even the Stones haven't done in over 20 years.

For some reason this summer the ‘Bad Boys From Boston’ decided to embark on a Summer tour with the band Kiss. Now this didn't make me the happiest honkey in the world. Kiss was all good in the ‘70s, but they really do need to hang it up. What were Aerosmith thinking??? Not only would their setlists be shortened due to the co-headlining bill, but the ticket prices would be outrageous. Being the ass I am, I went to both shows anyway.

Rock ‘n roll is all about live music and taking chances. That is what Aerosmith is doing on this tour. After the audience has been through a set of watching Kiss entertain by blowing shit up, flying around, breathing fire and spitting blood, Aerosmith decide to come on stage and entertain people with the music and the music only. Their setlist was shortened to 16 songs rather than their usual 20 - 22 when they are headlining their own tour, but boy did they pack them in.

BAM!!! Right from the get-go, the lights went on and the music started blasting through 30,000 screaming fans from 10 to 50 years old. The song was "Let The Music Do the Talking" from the 1985 album Done With Mirrors. I have seen the band about 10 times but have never seen them play this classic live! I swear to God my dick was hard... well maybe not quite -- sorry about that.

Next they drop it back a decade to 1975 with the title track of the album Toys In The Attic, which kept the momentum going just fine. Then like a roller coaster of time, it's up to 1989 with a more commercially popular song that really gets the ladies booties moving. That song was "Love In An Elevator." I think they have played that every time I have seen them, but the older it gets it grows on me more. They usually throw some Beatles or someone in the song somewhere, I can't recall if they did that night. Anyway Joe Perry rocks on the solo and like I said the ladies love it.

Onto another more recent song to keep the younger generation happy with 1997's "Pink" off Nine Lives. I have liked this song since the first time I heard it -- it is definitely original and again it gets the girls going. How can you not like a song that is so blatantly about pussy??? Who doesn't like pink??? Sorry ladies, I know I am a pig...

Anyway Aerosmith is now giving me my chance to run out, take a leak and try to get a beer before they shut down the beer lines. Yes, you guessed it: "Jaded" was next and I am glad I missed it. I got back in time for the ballad "What It Takes." I am not the biggest fan of love ballads at all and despite the fact that Aerosmith felt committed to releasing them all through the ‘90s, but this is a good one and everyone sang every word. I love that song live...

Remember what I said about taking chances?? Well, they were about to do it again. Next up the boys had one hell of a treat planned and it was awesome. I honestly don't know who originally wrote the songs but they busted out with 3 old school soul-filled blues songs. These were 3 blues gems that I guarantee the majority of the audience have never heard. There was so much soul and heart in it that they actually pulled it off. The songs were "I Never Loved A Girl Like I Loved You," "Stop Messin' ‘Round" (sung by Joe Perry) and "Baby Please Don't Go." Tons of harmonica and clapping, it was just awesome. This was their roots and they were playing songs that they grew up listening to. They are actually putting out a blues album soon that should be awesome. It is a mix of old blues covers, like the ones played, and some of their own blues songs they have written. It is great to see they are getting back to their roots after a decade of worrying about appealing to the 15 year old girls. They have also recruited producer Jack Douglas for the album who produced all their old classics in the ‘70s.

Okay, back to the show. The blues set was awesome but it was time for some Aerosmith. "Every time that I look in the mirror, all these lines on my face getting clearer…" One of the best songs of the last 30 years was playing through the PA's and that song was 1973's "Dream On." One of the many highlights of the show, as it always is. And when Steven tells people to sing with him, they do.

Next up come 2 more songs that I have never seen them play in previous tours that I have been too and NEVER expected to see them live. These songs probably weren't known by the kids in the audience, but I sure as hell did and this time my dick really did get hard. The first was a 1975 classic called "Adam's Apple." A song about Eve eating Adam's Apple and "Lordy It Was Love At First Bite!!" They all loved it... Then was a song from 1976 off the ROCKS called "Nobody's Fault." This is one of Aerosmith’s heavier songs and it just rocks. I wouldn’t classify it as a metal song or anything but it definitely has big nuts. I have always been a big fan of the lyrics to this classic also… great fucking song. Now we move on to a song that they have played EVERY time I have seen them and I really wish that they wouldn't. The song is "Cryin’" and I guess it was a pretty big hit for them but I don't like it. It is all about me isn't it???

I knew the show was going to be shorter than the norm and the end was near. They end the show with a perfect 1, 2, 3 punch of ‘70s hits. They were "Walk This Way," "Sweet Emotion," and "Mama Kin." The show was great and although it was short, I left a happy fan.

There was a time a few years back when I was about to attend my last Aerosmith show because I thought they had just lost the edge. The shows were always predictable and I got tired of seeing the same set list with no hope of seeing my forgotten favorites. That night they blew my mind by dropping the predictable "Janie’s Got a Gun" and "Dude Looks Like a Lady" for my two all time favorite Aerosmith songs "Seasons Of Wither" and "One Way Street." Since then they continue to get better with every tour. Thanks Joe, Joey, Tom, Brad and Steven for all the good times. And anyone that hasn't seen them, I would get to it because once one of these mofos can't do it anymore, Aerosmith will hang it up, and that is class…

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