Aerosmith & KISS Live in Chicago

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Monday, October 13, 2003 @ 11:19 PM

Aerosmith & KISS Live at the T

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REVIEW BY: Bryan T. Hoban

I took the 5 1/2 hour drive from my home in Wisconsin down to Chicago to see two legendary bands play on the same night on the same stage…. Aerosmith and Kiss, with Saliva.

The concert was at the Tweeter Center, which is an outdoor venue in Tinley Park, Illinois... and of course it rained cats and dogs all day leading up to the show. Me and a couple friends were wearing rain ponchos... and I am glad we had them... it was a cold, damp miserable night for a concert, but the show did go on, and thankfully the rain quit, just before Kiss came on.... The night went pretty much as I thought it would go.

First Saliva came out... I like these guys and have both of their recent albums... however... they were not very good, the lead singer sounded like he had lost his voice. The band was tight, but with weak lead vocals it sounded like SHIT!!! In fact, they only played five songs and then left... I was very disappointed -- they should have played longer. A friend of mine who was with said this was the worst she had ever seen Saliva play (she has seen them six times in the last two years.) I hope she is right, ‘cause they were bad.

Then out came Kiss... the low rumble... the announcer saying... “You wanted the best you got the best...” curtain falls... explosions… and “Detroit Rock City,” then guys come down from the ceiling...

As usual, Kiss put on a hell of a show, playing all their standards: “Deuce,” “Let Me Go Rock And Roll,” “Firehouse,” “Shout It Out Loud,” “I Love It Loud,” “Lick It Up,” “100,000 Years” and “God Of Thunder.” They sounded crisp, clean and damn strong, better than they sounded the last time I saw them in Milwaukee... in fact, they were much tighter. The only down fall was Paul rambling on during the end of "I Want You" (a cool Kiss song that I haven't heard them play in a long time.) He turned a classic tune into a never-ending song. By the way, Ace Frehley fans, Tommy Thayer is the real deal... he kicked ass on guitar, playing all of Ace’s solos, just like they are on the album better than Ace did on either of the last two tours... no contest Tommy kicked Ace’s butt, and makes Kiss a much better sounding band then they were on the farewell tour.

Kiss ended the show with “Black Diamond,” then played an encore of “Beth,” “Love Gun” and finally “Rock and Roll All Night.” Lots of pyro with Kiss and it was great... a very good stage show -- worth seeing.

Aerosmith came out kicking ass... opening with “Mama Kin,” going into several of their classics (in no order): “Walk This Way,” “Love In An Elevator,” “Jaded,” “Crazy,” “Living On The Edge” and “Toys In The Attic.” Then they played a couple of their new songs... very bluesy... good... but they seemed to lose the crowd a little... in fact, Joe Perry sang on one of them while Steve played harmonica.

My highlight of the night was when they played “Dream On”... what a killer version they played... Aerosmith was very tight and played well… they also had alot of weird lights and signs behind them which was cool. The whole set they used had a very bluesy feel to it... but for some reason they didn't do an encore -- I was completely bummed. They didn't play “Back In The Saddle,” “Rag Doll” or “Train Kept Rollin’,” they just fired some confetti, and left after their last song... it kinda sucked... no encore... the fans were pissed.

Overall… Saliva sucked... if the lead singer would have had a voice it may have been better, but he didn't, and it just sounded bad. Kiss was amazing... the stage show was good as usual, the pyro, the blood spitting, firebreathing and levitating drums, can't beat Kiss for a good show. Aerosmith was good... but should not be following Kiss... Kiss was definitely the better band with a bigger, better, more impressive show. I don't know why but Kiss were even louder than Aerosmith, too. In my opinion, Kiss kicked Aerosmith's ass... this is a major mismatch. I don't know who set-it up to have Kiss play first, but they should have their head examined... Kiss is too big and has too big of a stage show to be opening for ANYBODY, let alone Aerosmith... there is no comparison. Does this mean Aerosmith was bad??? Absolutely not. In fact, they were one of the tightest bands I have ever seen. They sound live, just like they do on their records, and Joe Perry is a killer guitarist.

So would I go see this show again??? YES, I would... it was a great night for Rock and Roll with two legendary bands.. .but hopefully next time Kiss will play last.

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